Super savory

CHOMP into these hilarious SweetMeats meat dog toys—table scraps you can feel GOOD about giving to your pup. I’m not sure what’s better, the ‘meat’ or the SuperSavor web site design. Rokkin’.


Thamar K. recommends them.


Now you can shoot a turtle across the room!

Pet-shaped rubber bands. You need them for…[singsong] NO REASON!


Once again, thanks to Mary R. and Rocket, for having their paws on the pulse!

Redonkulous Coupon

Sometimes, simply saying you’d like to give someone a hamster is nicer than actually giving them one. For those special, special occasions, you need the "Free Hamster Coupon" below. Simply download it and give it to your favorite person. Be warned, they might try and redeem it.

Download Free_Hamster_Coupon.pdf

Don’t forget to sign it!


Hamster-sized meals

Ruhmember this hamster and his mini meals? I finally saw them on J-Box. Because you NEED tiny food items for display or for your hamster photo shoots. Check them out. Once again the Japanese are handing our asses to us in (mini) Cuteness. Bless ’em.



Then, EBAY is full of the stuff. Holy Mini Muffins!

P.S. Yes, I have a thing for fake Japanese food. I love to look at the Japanese sushi joints with the ‘meals’ in the window.

Foller Up

WalkieeeRuhmember those yellow and green "Walkie Bits" turtles? Found ’em for 15$ on EBAY at Shop Kyoto—funny little Robotic thangs—check out the video. That is all.

Hello, Pod

As shown in Gizmodo today, the Hello Kitty iPod speaker is DYNOMITE! How rock and roll of them. Well, it’s ALMOST as cool as their electric guitar.


Thanks, U to the H!



Baroo?! Ehn! Yeing, yeing, yeing Cronche! Snorgle.

A fabu list of animal sounds from "many lands" was corralled by Rebecca I. How does a Danish person imitate a baby chicken? "Pip pip!" How do the Japanese imitate a mouse squeaking? "chu chu" of course! Duh.

Click to find see he entire Animal noise page!

T-shirts are arriving!

Have you received your T-shirt yet? You should receive it very soon if you haven’t already! This just in, Lucy 2.0, of HamsterTracker™ fame seems to like her T-shirt. The hamsters look alike, minus the corn kernel. I think the shirt is her BFF.

For those of you who won the Kaption Kontest and various other peeps along the way who I promised T-shirts to, the shirts are being packaged and sent very soon.


I’m gonna pop a bear in your ass

Bear_gunLeave it to the Japanese (AGAIN) to come up with new, brilliant ways to celebrate good times. Come on!

The gun-shaped party cracker that shoots out a teddy bear was bravely submitted by alert reader Usama "One-pixel off!" H.

The full story here.

Adorable Crochets and A Dangerous game

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It took me three hours to post this because I COULD NOT STOP PLAYING THIS GAME. It’s called "Farm Hustle" and features these little anerable animal icons you must place three in a row. Yes, that’s it. It’s like ‘bejeweled’ if you know that one.


Also featured on this site are ‘Farm Members", little crocheted dudes that are so prosh:


Ari and Thalia of Avocadolite, way to GO! Thanks very much for sending in, SilverBatWing.