Loco, loco roco

We’ve seen a lot of cute games. Loco Roco takes one look at other Cute games and kicks their tiny cute game asses. One by one! You must check it out. It’s available starting tomorrow.

It’s got this hilarious, layered, made-up language soundtrack, while you roll and bounce a blobby yellow character around, running into strawberry-like treats a avoiding little spikey urchin guys. The character is all fat, roly poly and smiling. It’s good times.




I think it’s even better than Hamtaro, and that’s TOUGH!

Poodle disguise for Dobermans

Aaakitpoodle1Are you sick of people looking at your breed of dog in fear because politicians and the media? You might need, THE POODLE DISGUISE for Dobermans.

You did NOT just do that

OK, People, this is getting redonk. You did not just do that to your race car. OR your exhaust pipe. Please tell me you di-int. ‘Cause this is officially OOC*.


*Out of Control; Catherine P.!!!

Happy little clouds

Better than a warm glass of milk, it’s Bob Ross, People!

Thanks again, Nat S.!

Hello America? This is your ass

…As handed to you by the EVIL PURVEYORS OF CUTE, THE JAPANESE!

Amurrricans, please join me in bowing.


Specifically Amigurumi Kingdom’s photos. Thanks a whole heck of a lot, Mindy M.

Oh, and I’m gonna do a second bow for eht brilliance of using a cupcake holder for the presentation.

Presentation is everything

Alessi continues to kick industrial design asses everywhere with their latest pet bowls. Sure, they cost a paw and a leg, but your pet will appreciate the golden ratios, right?


Available at Design within Reeeeeach!

“Wing wing!”

Straight from the redonkulous dept: "Uh, hellooooo?"


Fred Flare—you di-in’t.

Super savory

CHOMP into these hilarious SweetMeats meat dog toys—table scraps you can feel GOOD about giving to your pup. I’m not sure what’s better, the ‘meat’ or the SuperSavor web site design. Rokkin’.


Thamar K. recommends them.

Now you can shoot a turtle across the room!

Pet-shaped rubber bands. You need them for…[singsong] NO REASON!


Once again, thanks to Mary R. and Rocket, for having their paws on the pulse!

Redonkulous Coupon

Sometimes, simply saying you’d like to give someone a hamster is nicer than actually giving them one. For those special, special occasions, you need the "Free Hamster Coupon" below. Simply download it and give it to your favorite person. Be warned, they might try and redeem it.

Download Free_Hamster_Coupon.pdf

Don’t forget to sign it!



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