The most popular bumper sticker so far is….


The Blue one!

Just sayin’.



Bumpersticker overload

Holy 10 by 3 Vinyl UV-resistant Proclamations, People, it’s complete and total BUMPER STICKER OVERLOAD. And it’s coming your way. Now, for only $3.50 US dollars, any of these fine stickers can be yers.

Choose from the "Paws Up" paws or the Hamster/Flower combo.

Yay pic!


Hmmm, what other leetle animals can we put in the "o" of "Overload!? The possibilities are endless.

Bumpère Stickère

Now available!

$3.50 USD + shippin’!

Start the New Year off right with YOUR PAWS UP, PEOPLE! Or, drive your father crazy by sticking it on the back of his new Lexus! It’s a win-win.


All transactions are handled by Café Press. I have ordered and checked the quality muhself, and was impressed with the durable, bleedproof vinyl, generous 10 X 3 size and fadeproofedness. ;)

Rare Hamraku Spotting

Roving Cuteporter Chief Sister Officer spotted this two limbed nugget nestled among the astroturf lined shelves of Tokyo toy mecca Kiddy LandImg_1060_2Calling all Japanese Cuteologists to translate exactly what this little dude is up to here! Arigato!

redonkulous cup-cakery

The redonkulousness continues over at The Pixel Girl Shop. I mean, Happy cinnamon buns and cupcakes are devilishly eyeing themselves at their own deliciousness! The happy toilet paper is another story alltogether.


No one sent this one in, I just saw how cute the ad was on the right side of this site. Honest ta Gawd.

It’s Nautastic!

"The Octonauts" a new book from the fine folks over at Meomi is OUT. Lots of rich desktops and colorin’ book pages are out too. Wot a delight!



Please check out this hilarious pillow character "Honk Honk Ashoo" (with tiny pillow ears!!!) READING A BOOK ABOUT HIMSELF!


"defenestrator", nice redonk link. Honkhonkashoo created by Ralph Consentio ;) Apparently available at Target, too! Holy crapulence!

More examples of the Japanese kicking our asses in the cute department

Thanks to eagle-eyed reader (and former fabulous roommate Glenda D.B.) We have yet another example of Japanese-kick-ass-itude on C.O. This time, it’s flower pups. For crying out lou’.





Holy flowery muzzlepuffs, People!

Headaches? puffy eyes? Sick of those boring sleep masks?

It’s time to recycle yer old United Airlines napping mask, People. Check out "Warm Whiskers Eye Pillows". Warmed or chilled, these ani-pals will soothe you… (And entertain your friends to no end.)

You’ve GOT to be kidding me, sender-inner Clayton R. Do you have your PAWS ON THE PULSE* or what.The redonkulousness continues at Dream Essentials…



The best part is under the photo, it’s all: "May we suggest complimenting your purchase with a warm whiskers neck wrap?" UH, YES! YOU MAY!

*I did NOT just say that.

Opportunity Knockingk

Cuteoverloadtile_1Listen up, Peeps, here’s Teh Deal. Without the good people at TypePad, CuteOverload simply could not exist in it’s current form. What do I mean? Well, When you have a high-traffic website, the amount of data that flows out, called bandwidth, can be <singsong> expensive! </singsong>. Big photos don’t help—it’s like a BIG PIPE of HAMSTERS flowing out to all ya’ll. (Er something.) There is a large cost associated with pushin’ that data out!

Recently when TypePad called me, I picked up a hot pink phone, brushed away the bunnies, and said; ‘CuteOverload, how may I help ya?" Their kind peeps axed me to take a look at a new blogging service called ‘Vox’.

At first, I was all, "um, HOW can this be any better than TypePad?" 

Well, I found out.

It’s like they took all the good parts of TypePad and made an even simpler way to blog. Post content in a flash—even my Grandma can do it. It plays nice with ANY content you want to talk about. YOur pets, your beau, your stinky receptionist job, your annoying boyfriend—you name it. The templates are fabu, and you can change them as often as you like. Putting your thoughts on the Web, sharing photos, commenting, blogging from your mobile phone is even easier than a puppy snorgling.

Anywho—don’t take this kitten’s word for it. Check it out for free, yo. It’s by invite-only and as C.O. readers, the first thousand peeps GET IN FREE!


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