Pssst, chat is BACK

Dat’s correcte.

Chat is BACK!



The “Dirty Wow Wow” contest

The folks over at Ten Speed Press are holding a contest for the most lovable, shabby, stuffed toys and blankies you clung to in childhood. The most lovable entry wins a one-of-a-kind stuffed animal. The contest goes through May.

Check out some of the great entries; "Fuvvy" the duck (minus one arm, poor thing) and "Sleepy" pup. You can submit your blankie too!



Great suggestion, Kara V. 😉

This is effing epic


People, I watch Entourage, I watch Colberrrre, I watch THE OFFICE but nuthin’, nuthing compares to "Planet Earth".

Espeshe in HD! You gotta check this action out. Can you say: THE FIRST EVER SNOW LEOPARD FOOTAGE? [nodding] I thought so.

I do not exaggerate when I say it’s absolutely spectacular.

Check it out…

You too could be this cool

So this morning, I’m driving to worky-jerky (true story) and I’m almost to the freeway when a massively bumper-stickered car, (near 280 in San Francisco and-you-know-who-you-are) has a billion stickères on it, and one of them is C.O. Thanks for making my day, Peeps!

And here’s ANOTHER car with a stickie on it. This one belongs to Brinke G.:


If you want a kewl stickere too, check out the C.O. Sticker store.

This is like, soooo convenient

I weesh that I could be carried around like this… I look good in Giraffe too. And, I heart leg holes.


Nice find, Amoise. Now—WHO sells these?! will the real retailer please stand up!?

// UPDATE — they stood up!  PuppyPurse can be found here. //

Don’t fergit to send a thank you card

Because your Mom/Sister/Whole Foods worked hard on that quiche. Send a free Passover or Eastah card here


Great idea, Kevin!

OK, OK, the weirdness continues today…

OK, People, weirdness is OFF THE SCALES today. Behold a gaggle of color-coded Peeps riding multi-colored horses.

Even stranger is the text accompanying the submission: “These little guys deserve fun too.”

Um. OK. [shifty eyes in disbelief]


Katy M., unique. Very unique.

Totally Twinked

Um, what category does this image fit into?


Yes. It most certainly goes in thar.


Thanks for the cake category, Elizabeth. We’ve needed it.

No cat—no rack…

“Hi, i just wanted to let you know how much i love your website. I would put money in the tip jar if i wasn’t a broke college student, but the site has been my homepage for almost two years now. I’m not sure if this is the right place to send things in, but i have a picture of me and my stuffed animal that i’ve had since i was born. It might fit under the cats and racks even though its not a cat, and i dont have a rack.”

OK, sender-inner with no name, we have a THING for childhood toys, and we admire your entrepeneurial spirit.

Welcome to cats and racks.


Prints! Prints! Prints!

Peereence_1"Someone say mah name?"

No, I mean: Prints, People! Check them out!

Large eyes! Teeny pawsitude! VULNERABLE-ANERABLES!

Look at this Red Panda:

Purple Rain—pur-her-pull Raain
and Junior Squirrel with even teenier paws:


Nice inter-office submishe, May-Li K.!