Holy creepy animatronics!

People, usually the Japanese HAND OUR ASSES TO US in the Cute depahtment.

But Today, I say—(In captain Kirk voice) You’ve gone… TOO FAR!

Why don’t you just STICK TO BUNNY SWEATERS!?

BTW, the best part is the tail-pull.


Macro views + foods = delectablessss

People, if you’ve been reading C.O. for ANY length of time you know that close-ups and delicious morsels (be it a kitten schnozzle or a bunnular tuft of fur) are pure ecstacy!

So when alert Sender-Inner Elicia W. sent in this hamster-sized and hilarious jewelreh from Etsy, we hadta post it STAT! Please check out this Crepe Pastry Puff Dessert ring!


And, Raspberry White Chocolate Cake on a Plate! Hee.


Make sure your hamster uses the fork when he tries to eat it, Sara F. 😉

Mini-me of your ani-pal

People, this Etsy crafter "Amelia" is awesome.

Please check out these look-a-like felted mini pet portraits. They’re like, identical down to the spot! Hee!


LookalikeThe creator of the pets sez: "I am in love with making these little needle felted dogs and would loveto make one for you!" UM, but can she handle the CUTE OVERLOAD ONSLAUGHT SHE IS ABOUT TO RECEIVE!?

Summer R., excellent find 😉

Another redonkulous cozie

People, not since the MOST RIDICULOUS COZIE EVAR have we seen such a hilarious piece of craftmanship. Will you please check out the Apple cozie: [’cause apples need adornment and warmth and knitted leafs and buttons] More views here!


Yes, for the apple who has everything, Hilary R.



WHO are these PEOPLE, buying these CAT BEDS!!!?

This is just silly

It’s been a while since we had a cute product on C.O.

TOO LONG in fact! Well, leave it to the Swedes to solve that.

Introducing the most redonkulous cat bed ever:


Kora M., awesome IKEA find, my friennnnn


Extremely alert reader Monica L. sent this one in—"Soft Paws" for kittehs and pups, saving your floors from being scratched, one PAW AT A TIME!

Check out the designer colors. Hey, I guess they’re better than Corn chip nail tips.



Cat-like typing OMG! HALP!

Just try and stop meh, Mofos!

The redonculousness continues over at PawSense, a product that protects yer komputer from those WANDERING, VIGILLANTE KITTEHS!

How? Pawsense software DETECTS AND BLOCKS CAT-LIKE TYPING! Then, it sounds (harmonica!?) alarms and triggers this nifty dialog box (on left). No more "fgggrertbxdf" in the middle of your blog posts!

Exhibit A!

Jack R., brillo pointer-outering.

Meanwhile, over at the accountant’s office

Accountants everwhere should have ham-powered shredders (yes, shredding appears to be a theme today.) Will you please look at this hamdonculous paper shredder designed by Tom Ballhatchet. Absolute analog genius!


A billion peeps sent this one in, including; MC2, Josh S., Barbara C., Ant, Jaclyn Z., Amy H., Meredith J., Janie K., and Anna 😉

Teetering on the EDGE OF INSANITY

SO, I’m at the car warsh today, mindin’ my own bizznizz, payin’ for mah carwash. At the register, I look at the counter and there is this "PerfectPetzzz" pet, "sleeping" on the counter! Rannndom! [Singsong]

I thought it was real. It’s little eyes were closed, and it was "BREATHING", in a little pet bed.So ofc, I had to look them up on the Internets and tell you about them.

It’s totally nuts. Will you please check out this kitteh and pup, and imagine little breathing motions.

CubemateLastly, please get a load of this awesome cubicle worker, one hand on the phone, ONE ON HER PERFECT PET OMG