THIS JUST IN: Ping pong ball cozie

People, I know what you’re thinking. "I’ve got a 40 millimeter Butterfly Premium 3-Star Table Tennis ball, and NO WAY TO CARRY IT!
Oh, and it has a complete LACK OF EYES. What am I to do?" [hand on hip in disgust]

The answer, Ladies and Gentlemens:


The creator warns: "His plastic beady eyes can be choking hazards. Not for small kids who may want to chew his eyes off." LOL/DUH


Are you ready for bidniss, TADWorks? Excellent spotting, Mallory W. 😉


Boing! Boing! Boing!


The best part is, if it’s rainy and miserable outside, he doesn’t actually need the walkies.  Still, you might want to keep an eye on him around your Roomba.

Seen on the New Scientist Blog last Friday, Scout II the pup-o-tron is the brainchild of James Andrew Smith.
Thirdly, Nosevember is more what you’d call a "guideline" than an actual rule.  😉

Nice packaging, Annie’s

Another brilliant packaging innovayshe, this one from Annie’s Organics. They should have spelled it "Tailio" tho.


Way to keep those eyes open AT ALL TIMES, Cuteporter JBZ!

What are the Germans smoking now?

Oh, this is just asking for trubs. Crazy peeps over at Spiegel shoes in Germany are pushin’ it to the LIMIT!

Available here…


Tina K., Whatever you do, don’t wear these to Bodega Bay


Hey, ruhmember us, the outrageous pups dressed as your fave fast foods? Of course you do!

Because there is NO BETTER dog costume than the faux-legs-front-paws-Mr. Krispy Kreme (at left)


Eat it, Richard H.! (Hey, do you have a costume yet!?

Carry your puppeh with The Pupoose!

Img_6582_149_smTHe PUPOOSE is here, People. Acrocheted puppeh powsche, with four holes in it, perfect for carrying your pup back from the warsh.

Available here…

Look how carefree you will be!


Charlene Y.,  Koooky, krazy krochets get me every time (espeshe if it’s a Kozy)

D.I.Y. Kitteh powsche

Hggg_2You know how it is. You have a bebeh kitteh, and he wants ALL your attenshons, and you have STUFF to do, and you can’t spend ALL your time with your kitteh. Well, that’s where the D.I.Y. Kitteh Powsche comes in. It’s hands-free, Baby!

All you need is some ties, a behbeh kitteh, and 1 powsche.

MEESSIONS ACCOMPLEESHED! [head tilt, eyes crossed]


AppleShannon on Craftster figured this one out… Stephanie P. spotted it…

Homemade Purritos

Delicious. Purritos are so much better when they’re made at home.

[Please check out this hilarious set of homemade Purritos aka the kittehs stuffed in socks!]


Patricia B., your daughter is awesome! Can she intern?

THIS JUST IN: Marc Jacobs counters with a Moo shoe

Um, OBVY a certain SOMEONE was a little JEALOUS that we posted some SHOES over the WEEKEND that were really CUTE and that certain SOMEONE had to start SELLING HIS SHOES to get BACK AT US!


Jealous much, Marc Jacobs!? Are you happy now your shoe is on Cute Overload!? (And selling on Amazon for a STEAL! in unspotted/black too!)

Aeryie, great find…moo!

THIS JUST IN: Ridiculous bunny wedges @

Can you imagine taking your shoe off, like at the office, in the middle of the day, and snorgling it?

The heel/tailio action is the best part. If you moved your toes just right, it would look like they’re sniffing…


Another sweet submishe from roving Cuteporter Kora 😉 Available on the site.