THIS JUST IN: Danish power outlets!

Check it out, those sneaky Danes are trying to show the world who makes the cutest power outlet.



Anerable, Andrew C. Times three.


Hello Kitty for… Dudes!?

Hello200_2Mens, get readeh! Hello Kitty is coming for you. And it’s FABULOUS [Z-snap]

Ladies, it’s a new way to (literally) drive your man crazy—A new version of the famous Kitteh, created especially for (??!?!) Guys, a faceless, coy logo on Ts, watches and fanny packs? Read more here…


Sparky, it’s not too late for me to get this for you for XMas…

Bon Appetit!

Mmmmmmm, delicious googly eyes… The insanity continues over at Angie N., Flickr site…

Bon Appetit, originally uploaded by Angie Naron.

Righteous find, Lori W. 😀

Totally new levels of redonkulessness

People, will you please get a load of "" Yes, you read that right.

We’re talking Wigs. For. Kittehs. Wigs like the "Electric Blue":


Pink Passion:


The Silver Fox:


and drumroll please… the Bashful Blonde:


C.S.O. was wondering if they do a ‘Marie Antoinette’ style. Do you, Boone?

Yo, J.Crew Holiday ’07 Art Director, nice job

Nipping on the heels of Sex, Cuteness sells! In this case, a cranberry-ivory-rollneck-sporting, gift-ribbon-snorfing PUPPEH!


Excellint pointer-outering, Chief Seestoi Officoi 😉

Oh puh-lease—get out of town

You People are impossible. Sending photos like this could make a girl go MENTAL.

Please check out this behbehsitter with her Pit Bull Bjorn, heh, below.


Holly F. Brilliant work. Credit to Pup Scouts Training school in Houston TX.

Oh give me a LARGE McBreak

You have GOT to be kidding me with this product design, People. Will you please check out this puppeh pencil sharpener PLUS SHAVINGS ACTION! OMG.

It’s like some industrial designer was all, "I shall dee-sign zuh perfect product for Zuh Overload!!!"


Well Meessions Accompleeshed, Mary S. Meeshions… Accompleeshed [slow clap]

Available at The Spoon Sisters.

THIS JUST IN: Egg in Pannnnts

EggpannntsFirst there was "Cataloons." Then, "Bunnaloons".

Now, there are "Egg-a-loons".





You heard me.

Thanks, Paula C., (I think!?)

Available here, at Lizkin!

Save the drama fer yer (stuffed) Mama

These chicks have a stuffed animal for a Mom. I bet she nags 100 percent less than a regular Mom. As reported by Cuteporters over at the UK Daily Mail.


No offense, Mommoi!!!

😉 And thanks, Sender-Inner Heath L.

The cutest car evar [meep meep]

The ping pong ball cozie from the Product Cuteness category better STEP OFF because there is a new star… A prosh car.

Yes David P., the English accents pushed your submishe over into postability.