Oh, just turn the knife would ya

More proof positive today that the Japanese continue to kick our tiny American asses in the Cuteness depahtment. Hello Kitty is now an official Tourism Ambassador of Japan.

Look at this guy in the middle. Victory is HIS, clearly.


Thanks a LOT CNN. And Sender-Inner Kimberly S. Thanks.


Um, Raturday would’ve been sooo much better.

"They don’t even DESERVE their own day, you knuh?" [Say in best rat-vallery-girl accent]

Caturday Critics, originally uploaded by l33twave.


Ruhmember that sweet downloadable Caturday embroidery pattern!? WELL SOMEONE DEED EET!

The hilariousness continues over at her Etsy store.


"Perfect for hitting the Farmer’s Market on a Caturday" OMG


I’d like to order ONE MILLION OF THEM. Great job, Emily S.! 😀

Cute Buttons and Magnets

I Got Your Flair Right Heah!

Listen, People, I don’t care if you’re not in High School wearing jean jackets any more (or maybe you are ‘cause it’s all full circle.) You need a Cute Overload button to tell the Nation that Paws Up are cute. Or six.

Rep-ree-butt-in-sent!!! (In other words, check ’em out)


New Cute Overload Cute-T!

Imagine it’s a hot weekend and you’re all; “My ironic T is in thewarsh, what can I wear?” Then it hits you—the Cute Overload T! Itmatches perfectly with your pink Pumas and aviators. Sure, it’s coveredin cat hair, but it’s Cute Overload, and therefore, a happy, gorgeouslil’ T with a logo that pokes out behind your zippered hoodie to say;“Yeah, I like kittehs. You got a pro-layme with that?”

Check them OUT!

Maincutecrest Detailcutecrest

Nyyerrrrrrow! [peeling out sound]


Nice Ham HumVeeeee, Goran G.!

Ya’ll are lookin’ good in yer HAMSTER Ts!

People! You are wearing the HECK outta your hamster t-shoits! Check out Sender-Inner Lisa C. here.



Got a pic of you in your ham T? SEND ‘EM IN!

How to crochet the most redonk cat hat ever

Who are these ridiculous people who insist on making hilarious cozies for EVERY THING ON THE PLANET? I love you People. Serious.

Check out the entire WikiHow article here.


From the article: "You can make a chin strap but this is only for the most patient andmellow of cats, and definitely not recommended if there arechildren who’ll be trying to put this hat on the cat." OK!

Special thanks to WikiHow authors Hellokitty, Sondra C, Jack H, Flickety, Krystle, Nicole Willson, Anonymous, Chris Hadley, Cipher_nemo, Lorna145, Martyn P and Sender-Inner Karla B.!

The redonkulousness continues

Keep your cat from writing to CuteOverload (i.e. get him off the keyboard!) with this HANDY kitteh bed shelf!


Anita D. and Matthew S., love the look on tha woman’s face—she’s NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!

No Foolin’! Hamster Tee orders extended ONE MORE DAY!

I am not pulling your leg. Today is the last day to order the hamster T of your choice!

Check them OUT!

Womens, Unisex, your choice of girl or boy hamster 😉 Still top-notch quality, natch.


And like hamsters, they’ll be around for a limited time.