Why Don’t You Come Up and See Me Sometime?

We can monkey around, heh-heh. Well, to be precise, we can lemur around, but that isn’t as catchy as… OK, to be extremely precise, we can sifaka around, but now we’re getting a bit more provocative than I was shooting for.


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It Depends On What Your Meaning of “On” Is

(First they give me the t-shirt then they tell me to put on the t-shirt and so I put the t-shirt on me and then somebody tells me no that’s not right I’m supposed to put the t-shirt on not put it on me and now I’m confused. This whole “language” thing, I dunno…)


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Meanwhile, Near the Temple of Doom…

“I’m tellin’ ya, Lenny, I saw it with my own eyes, it was totally sick! The guy chains this other guy to a rack, then he mumbles some kinda hocus pocus magic words, and then he sticks his hand in like this…”


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Did You Monkey Around with My Computer?

NO! No, absolutely, definitely, certainly not! That is an absolute falsehood! I deny it with the last breath in my body! No! I did not! NO, I say!

Well, OK, a bit. Your dock icons look like bananas now. But that’s all.


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As It So Happens, I Do Enjoy Bananas

That was a very astute deduction on your part, I must say! Spot on! Quite the sharp-eyed observer, you are! Are you perchance employed as a detective or in some similar profession requiring skill in the empirical arts?


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Peter Pan: The Early Years

When little Wendy was first born, Nana was apprehensive at the beginning, until someone explained to her that “nursemaid” was just an expression.

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Moral: Never Mess with Mom

(Oh, this is prank going to be epic! Mom totally can’t see me, so I’ll just sneak up behind her really slow, and then when she least expects it, I’ll pinch her on the OW OW OW OW OK I’M SORRY LEGGO MY NOSE!)


Via Maren Vollman.

A Touchy ‘Tocktober Topic

“(Ugh, it’s that time of year again, when that Cute Overdraft website goes around taking sneaky pictures of butts and then writes silly things about them. Well, they better not try that with me, or…)”


“What?! You were behind me the whole time, weren’t you, you naughty scamps! Well, I hope you got my good side, ah ha ha ha! Seriously, though, I’m going to need to rip your arm off now…”


Via Susan Rose (top) and Mark Dumont.

What Are They Putting in Those Leaves?

And whatever it is, could I get some in my morning coffee?

Happy 80th Birthday Jane Goodall

Happy Birthday to (full name) Dame Jane Morris Goodall, DBE – who has done so much Good for All primates. Sign the birthday card, too! Learn more about her work here.

Baby Chimp by Sonja Probst #chimpanzee #monkey #baby

Little Google chimp 1 WM
First photo by Sonja Probst. Second photo is of infant Google (yes, that’s his name) in Gombe National Park, Tanzania. Credit: Jane Goodall Institute/Dr. Jane Goodall.