Holy Expletive!

Bloggies_yo_1Cute O is like, totally nominated for 4 Bloggie awards! This is officially Out Of Control™. You really have done it this time, People. We’re nommed for: Best new, Best topical, Best American and Best Friggin’ Weblog of the year! HOLY CRAPULENCE!

You know what to do! [Holding precious kitten in front of your face as a distraction]

Vote! vote! vote!


Cuteoverload gets props on MSNBC “Test Pattern”

Msnbc"…animal photos so adorable that even a hardened Marine may dissolve into baby talk."

Ah-huhn. [head/neck rotation] (Scroll down the page.)

Shameless begging

OK, people—listen up! This is a shameless, embarrassing request. No, not quite as embarrassing as the toy Dachschund getting it on with the tabby kitten, but almost. Hey—vote for me in the Bloggies, will you? Today is the last possible day to vote, and I need your support, yo! Consider the following categories; Best Topical blog, Best American blog, best tagline? I don’t know. What do you think?

Enter "CuteOverload.com" for a Bloggie category here.

Cute Overload.com listed in Wikipedia

Wikipedia_1"Cuteness is a delicate and attractive kind of beauty commonly associated with youth, innocence, and helplessness."

uh, DUH. 😉

We’re listed as an external link reference under "Cuteness"! How redonk is that!?Right above the New York Times article, natch! Check it out.

The Science of Cute

The New York times reads Cute Overload? Could it be? Regardless, you gotta read this article, just posted in their science section. Free Log-in required (come on, you need one, it’s the Times for Crissakes)

Go to article


***Addendum: So many alert readers sent this in, thank you. Especially Mr. Brett Lider.

Defamer.com acknowledges our existance…


Schweet. The December 30 blog entry on Defamer.com lists; "Hmm, I wonder what’s going on over by Cute Overload. Holy shit—I just had a cute-induced brain aneurysm."

Cute Overload.com featured in The Sun newspaper

  The_sunLook! an online exclusive in the Features section of The Sun, the most sold paper in the UK. They provide an "Idiot’s Guide to sending in a picture." Only, it’s sending it to THEM! OK, Sun, it’s ON!


Cute Overload.com blows up on Boing Boing!

Boingboing The "Directory of Wonderful Things" picked us up. And it’s the best thing to ever happen to the site. "Visiting the site is like taking a happy pill." Agreed! Check it!


Cute Overload.com gets props on Rocketboom!

I’m at 14 and a half minutes of fame, People!