Just how great was the Webby’s?

The 10th Annual Webby awards was an absolute blast. Lemme tell you about it. More photos to come when all suitcases are unpacked!

First of all, it’s in New Yark City, which is the most fun place to visit, just ask Chief Sister Officer. The Webby’s suggested the SoHo Grand hotel, where we stayed. Their hotel motto is: "A goldfish in every room" and the hotel is like, pet friendly, ifyoucanbelievethat.

After arriving into town Saturday night, we went out in Tribeca for dinner, with hot-rodders Judy and Monty. No Bobby D. sightings, but whatevs.

Soho_roof_2Sunday it was brunch at Vesulka’s Ukrainian with Kora and Scott, which was good coffee, good borsct (for breakfast!) and even better company. Then it was shopping on W. Broadway for a new frock, and then REDONKULOUS on the roof of the SoHo Grand, where Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post AND Frank Warren of PostSecret, both of whom are kicking C.O.’s ass in the technorati Most Popular Blog‘s list and I sipped cocktails. I had the pleasure of meeting a feller named Lars who came into town to accept a Webby for a service you might have heard of called "Google Maps"! Next, it was out-of-this-world eats at Raoul’s where Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler sat next to us (no joke, Peoples!) Yes, I texted everyone I knew at that point.

Then came Monday, the day of the awards—first, it was lunch at Jean Georges Nougatine which left everyone delighted, satisified and ready to sit in Central Park and do nothing. Then…

BallroomTHE BIG AWARDS! It all started at the Cipriani on Wall Street. Many clean, perfectly-perfumed nerds lined up for the red-carpet entrance. I was informed by the PR team that I should head over to the ‘PRESS’ area (OMG!) for some interviews. CNN, BBC and MSNBC all interviewed moi here—it was too much fun. Here is a snippet that made it onto BBC just now. Don’t LAUGH!!!

MooeyInside the joint, the place was DECKED out. Huge screens showed the event, so you could see up close and PERSONAL the hilarious emcee Rob Corrdry. (I have not yet washed my hand having shaken his…) Awesome warm red lighting everywhere, booming music, and tray after tray of Champagne/salty snacks.

Corrdry killed with the emcee job. Our table was howling at him. During the show, he ‘accepted an AIM message’ from Jon Stewart, advising him on how to be a great host. Jon’s "AIM name" was ‘2006OscarHostMan’ or something. It was hard to see thru my Chardonnay haze. To Rob’s annoyance, Jon kept ‘writing’ "Kewl!"

There are 69 award categories total, and big groups are called up to give their 5-word acceptance speech. I thought a long time what my 5-words would be—"niche scratched’ or "i love you, Rob Corrdry" or "Number one choice of hamsters"—it took a while, but we finally made a choice.

_41759162_corddry300apHere’s our five word acceptance speech, and some of my other favorites were:

Award_hpCute Overload.com: "Not bad for posting kittens"
Snopes.com: "Rumor has it.. we won"
Accuradio.com: "Assuming hyphenateds are allowed.. Woo-hoo!"
TripAdvisor.com "Because some hotels really suck…"
Epicurious.com: "We are eating this up"
Huffington Post: "Dahlingks, Make blogs, not war."
Here are all winner speeches.

The night was peppered with Special Acheivement awards, most notably Thomas Friedman and Prince. Friedman, who wrote "The World is Flat" encouraged Web developers to take advantage of all the cheap tools available to people today, and take the Web to next level, before someone else shows you your own idea. Again, Chardonnay caveat.

Prince_webbys10_1Then, Prince got a Special award for releasing his 1997 album exclusively on the Internet. Prince sang "Don’t Play Me" on an acoustic gee-tar and everyone was standin’ and clappin’ (what’s the sound of hundreds of geeks clapping?) at the end of his song, everyone screamed with delight, then his holiness tossed the guitar over his head and shoulders, where it landing with a thud, and he was gone—trotting out of the building, with the spotlight on him, like a total rock star with handlers. It was waaay sweet.

Big ole thanks to the all of you [sweeping hand gesture to readers of this site], The "Cute Overload Board" for all their ‘Yes Men" decisions despite being fired and reinstated multiple times, big props to Webby founder Tiffany Shlain and let’s also thank this puppy. The end.

/// UPDATE!!! ///

This guy over at Flickr took great shots of everyone! Here is the scene of the events, the Cipriani:


THE HOST avec the most, Mr. Rob Corddry 🙂


Moi! Saying my five word acceptance speech: "Not bad for posting kittens"


Sparky and I enjoying our BIG DAY OUT






We’re farked!

FarkWeirdThe cat box pic made the bigtime over at Fark.com…Why _do_ cats love boxes? What’s the deal with that? [Seinfeld voice] Merci, Drew Curtis, Merci. We’re big fans over here.

Check out the Fark thread.

The E.W. Must List!!!

Entertainmentweekly2Holy tiny beaks, People, this is so bigtime. Cute O is listed in the Entertainment Weekly ‘Must List’ this week. The ‘Must List’ is their list of ‘Things we Love This Week"—the Holy Grail of Pop Culture, People! Having been a subscriber for years, and a big admirer of their snarky writing and overall magazine design, I’m extra STHUPER STHOKED!

Thanks, EW 😉 and thanks to all who wrote in about it, especially Heidi F.M. for scanning the page.


Today is the last day to vote vote vote…

P47_stoat…For the Webby’s People’s Choice!

This baby stoat just voted! Won’t you?

You muuuuuuust vote for C.O. for best Blog – Culture/Personal and, while you’re in there, vote for C.O. editor Sparky too, for The Reebok Shoe Customizer in Marketplace/Retail!


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This just in, CuteOverload makes top 25 Most Popular Technorati Blogs!


Holy crapulence!!! w00t!!! Check it! http://www.technorati.com/pop/blogs/

Cute Overload.com nominated for a Webby!

Vote4us_108x108_trans_2Amazing! We’re nominated in the category of "Blogs, Cultural". Do us a favor and VOTE, People!

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Thank you, Al Gore!

Cute Overload.com gets a shout out in RES magazine

2006maraprcoverThe March/April issue of RES features’new and emerging talent" in film, music, design and art.CuteOverload.com got a shout out on page 23, within an article called"Puppy Love."


Cute Overload gets props on BBC’s “WebSlinky”!

Logo3BBC’s WebSlinkeh article on "Animal Magic" mentions us along with Stuff on my Cat and… "Kitten Cannon"!

Here’s the full story.



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Holy crapulence! Sweet!

Vote4us_108x108_trans_1Holy ear-to-head-ratios, People, you’ve done it again! We done got nominated for a sweet Webby award. So make like an Amerrrrican, and


I thank you, the kittens thank you,


Cute Overload in San Franicsco Chronicle


TheSan Francisco Chronicle newspaper featured moi in a story called"Animal Rites / Canine culture goes over the top". It asks the questionwe all want an answer to; "Are Puppies the New Prozac?" w00t! A nice guy named Kurt Rogers came over and took my photo.

Read the full article here.