“We can’t look away” uh. DOI-HICKEY!

Picture_10_1ZAC AND RUBY, don’t make me send you three million cute O bumper stickers. I will do eet. I too have "…have a very hard time pulling ourselves away from the pages where small bunnies stick out their adorable little tongues." True.

Gracias for the pick!  XO from Meg, and sender-inner Samantha!


Awww yeah, FARKED again.

Check it, People. I wanted to blog on this yesterday, but Typepad was like, tewtelly doing maintenance, so here we go today: our hedgehog pic caught the eye of the Fark editors and chosen for a Photoshop contest. W00t!

Check out the full contest over at Fark.

We’ve had one other Farking here!

“Confessions of a Cute Addict”

Hdr_mag_3Well Peeps, we made Hallmark magazine, thanks to fabu freelance writer Rebecca Skloot. Poor thing, she has an ADDITICTION TO CUTE and felt compelled to write about eet. Someone’s got to do eet. Nice photo shoot, too, Rebecca and Hallmark Peeps! Thanks for a sweet story that so accurately explains the strange phenom… 😉

Check out the article online

Special thanks to Cute Overload frequent commenters Mira/Miss Crisp and Janet Poirrier for their interviews for the article. Nice quotes, ladies. Verrrrrrry Niiiiiiiiiice.

Add a Sugar Glider to your article to increase your posting chances

PwlogoThe photo below shows that if you call me "brilliant" in a reasonably-sized newspaper, your chances of getting posted to C.O. go UP!

Liz Spikol pf the Philedelphia Weekly wrote an article called "Precious Matters" (um, exsqueeze me? shoulda called it ‘Prosh’ Matters) Anywhoooo, the article is all about Liz’s obsession with The Qte™ and her adoration for like-minded Peeps. Thank you, Liz 😉

Check it out!


Nice sugar glidin’, Liz and "Shackleton".

CBC’s Top 100 of 2006

Gracias to the CBC for puttin’ C.O. on the "Top 100 of 2006, What we loved about the year that was" list.

I have to strongly agree with their picks for highlights of the year: The First scene in Casino Royale, Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, and The Posh Spice Cher/Chanel wardrobe…

Check it out, Peeps!

And thanks for sending it in, Eagle Eyes Jessica M. 😀

Dewd! Shut UP!

Cute O just won Best Photo Blog in the 2006 Weblog awards OMG PON1ES!!!11

Check it out!

Congrats to tubular chick Raymi who won Best Diarest… Raymi has sent in photos of "Cid" you may recall… 😉

Teh Qte continues to sweep CNN

Unofficial Cuteporter Jeanne Moos of CNN asked New Yorkers the very important question:

Who do you think is cuter? A Baby Panda or Shiloh Jolie-Pitt?

Watch the video to see who won…


She also made reference to Cute Overload, w00t! And—[Gasp!] a site called UGLY OVERLOAD!? Uh oh!


Of course for your OFFICIAL What’s cuter questions, simply visit the CuteTracker, People.

This is CuteNessNetwork…

…[James Earl Jones voice]

Thanks to CNN London employee Kasia K., who suggested the title "Cute Overload" for a CNN story on baby tigers. Below, see anchor Charles Hodson began reading the story with "Cute Overload… in a Hamburg zoo" and then continue with the story of five little lion cubs on their first public outing.

Rokkin’! [Air guitar]


Ahh—Cute Overload and Nobel Peace prizes—two great tastes that taste great together… [See news ticker below title]


Thanks, Kasia… 😉

Best Blogs of 2006 that You (Maybe) Aren’t Reading

Fimoculous"You have not truly experienced Cute Overload until it has become a ritual. I dare you." Thanks, Fimoculous!

C.O. featured on the BBC tech show: “Click”

ClickclickBBC correspondent Kate Russell gives her latest selection of the best sites on the Internets. Gracias, BBC!

(and sender-inner Sharie M.!)