This mouse gets around


Every night when I come home, I read fabulously entertaining blogs like D-Listed, Perez Hilton, Pink is the new blog, Gizmodo, Fark, etc., the list goes on and on. So, it was great to see lil’ MouseOver image on D-Listed today: Rawk and Roll, People!


Oh, you’re normal all right

Tewtelly sweet sender-inner-scanner Beth B. Sent this one in, a page right out of APRIL GLAMOUR!

Apparently, when asked how to ‘kick the blues’, one Andrea Myers said ‘Cute Overload’. DOI!


Roger that, People.



Gracias, GeekSugar…. ;)

Picture_5It’s like link Central around here, People.

GeekSugar made us site of their day.

"If you don’t love it, you don’t have a heart." True dizzat.

Gee to teh Que, Peeps

Um, first, how effing cute is Christian Bale? ssssssshhh… inside voice!

Second, thanks to GQ for mentioning Teh QTE™ in their March ’07 issue.Gahhhh!


CuteOverload mentioned on this page

Nice find, BWey! Say Hi to the turtles.

Mean vs. Cute :P


"Mean vs Cute: While the mean internet was working itself into a frenzy over BritneyShears‘s haircut, the cute internet was all about Nora, the piano-playing cat. In one weekend, half amillion people watchedher on YouTube as she played something halfway between Philip Glass andfree jazz. She’s now been watched more than 1.5 million times."

Shoutout Hollaback UK


Tony James was sharp enough to spot this Cute Overload plug on Guardian Unlimited.  Here’s a YAY for our Brit fans!  And get this, the blogger’s name is Jemima Kiss.  She compiles a "viral video" list over there, and has a soft spot for prickly hedgies.  Jemima, we tewtelly understand.  Many thanks!  Happy to have you in the Peep’s Posse.

(Theo out.  More snow needs shoveling.)

Holy Venn diagrams!

Where oh where on the blogging spectrum does C.O. fall in the four shperes of audience reaction? In the "Lust" category? nyerhe. In "Indignation"? nyerhe!

According to Valleywag, we’re planted firmly in the "Affirmation" sphere! (But dangerously close to ‘outrage’!)


Nice submishe, Das Hajjen!

Ze Fraaawhnk!

Zefrank_title[singsong] We got another shoutout! We got another plug!

Ze Frank, an old hand at this interwebs funnyment biznez, and de facto honorary inductee into ze Order of ze Outrrageous Frawnsh Occent, finally crawled out from under his rock recently stumbled upon our little creation here, and promptly plugged us in his own blog dealie.

Check him out, peeps!  He’s got toys, he’s got Annie the Cat, he’s got duckies, and he’s even got his own Daily Show.  OK… not THAT Daily Show, it’s just "the show with zefrank", all modern & ironical with the modesty lowercase, y’know.  But don’t get me wrong, sports racers; it’s good stuff.

This is Theo, link-happy as ever, signing off.  I’ve got some moves to try out.  Happy Valentine’s Day, you magnificent bastiges!

OK, “snorgle” has gone mainstream

Big props to San Francisco chronicle peeps for picking up on this IMPORTANT TREND

Thanks fer pointing it out, Daisy H.

Welcome to the Urban dictionary, Peeps

"Snorgle" is in thar now!

Check it out.

Thanks for pointin’ this out, MusicChick2…