4 out of 5 doctors prescribe C.O.

LogoIt’s true, People, this site is GOOD for you!

But you already knew that. Here’s an article, and it’s on the InterWebs, so you know it’s fact.

The Health Benefits of Cute

Got a stressful event coming up? CHECK OUT THE KITTEHS!


We’re on The Petcast!

PetcastPeeps, the fine folks over at The Petcast did an interview/cast for CuteOverload, and HERE it IS!

Check it OUT (it’s show #93 😉

The highlight is hostess Emily calling ferrets "furry knee socks with eyes". I have to send her a royalty every time I use that one.

Thanks to Steve and Emily, The Petcast Hosts 😀

You are now free to move about the country

Woooooooooooo! Southwest Airlines! I luv you! (Southwest is all about The Luv, People). They must be thanking me for flying like, 40 flights last year.

Please see this fantastic layout in this month’s Spirit magazine, mentioning C.O. as a new and noteworthy diversion! Hooray for diversions!



…the site may inducediabetic shock, it’s a great place to visit whenever you need a pick-me-up.Contributors post images of animals in cute situations, with baby animals andinterspecies snuggling being particularly popular.


No. 7: A thingaccompanied by a smaller version of that thing is always cute.

No. 9: Piles of a cutething jack up a cuteness rating exponentially.

No. 20: Show your paw pads.

No. 26: If you have fourlegs and can tuck yourself in, you’re cute.

No. 34: If your tailcurls up, it’s cute.


If too much cuteness makesyour teeth hurt, there’s always the blog’s evil twin, Ugly Overload(uglyoverload.blogspot.com). There, you can find pictures of scorpions,camels, gigantic spiders attacking hens, and other less photogenic creatures.


You’re feeling cynicalabout the world and need a quick smile. Longer visits require a high thresholdfor baby talk.

FIND IT cuteoverload.com 


Paula H.S., Thanks for the scan, Baybee!

// The excerpt of the article quoted above was provided by the Spirit Magazine Team.  Thanks to MusicChick2 for arranging this! //

Warshington Perste

Wplogo_250x42Dear authors of "100 Blogs We Love",
Thank you for including Cute O in your 100 Blogs We Love List. Here at C.O. headquarters, we ALWAYS aim for giving you the "most bang for your click" [double guns]

Being on the same list as Fake Steve Jobs has really made our day.

USA! USA! USA! USA Tuhday!

Yopuopes_opay_topoodopayWot a treat!

C.O. is linked from USA Today today.

Like all good news outlets, they have an interspecies snorgling feature on this pup NURSING TIGER TRIPLETS (with her own junior pup on the right, there.) With those tiny tiger appetites, you gotta watch out, Girl!


Thanks for the menshons, Mike C.!

CBS Showbuzzzzzz

Picture_1Woo hoo! A CBS Showbuzz podcast about C.O.! I sound both super square and ridiculous!
You’ll learn amazing things like; What’s the strangest thing someone ever sent in to CuteOverload? Do I have any pets? How was Cute Overload started? Incredible schtuff! [say in Johnny Carson voice]



Our Sthuper Sthecret Rules just got BoingBoinged. Oh, the hilarity!

Here you can see all the examples of LOLSpeak.

I wonder why they didn’t just show the Glossary!?




People, you’re ridiculous.

THANK YOU for voting (with the baby stoat) for CuteOverload for the Webbys. We swept the ‘Weird’ category thanks to you and the esteemed judges on the Esteemed Esteemersons Webby committee.




We were nommed for a Webby today, People. in the :

[Dahn-Duhn!] Weird! category!

Woo to the hoo, People! As soon as the voting opens up, you bet we’re gonna list the hecky out of those links, so you can get on your vote like a baby stoat.

//Correction: the form letters looked the same to me! it said ‘Honoree’ not ‘Nominee’ for Blog cultural/personal. My [embarrassing] bad -Ed //

THIS JUST IN: Is global warming producing mo’ kittens than usual?

Kirb_3_splodeAccording to TreeHugger and The Star, global warning is causing mo’ and mo’ kittens. Humane Societies in the Toronto are reporting that due to milder climates, more cats are outside earlier in the winter. And those cats are gittin’ it on.[reported by Cuteporter Denise S.]

//Note; headline edited for clarification//