Live on The Martha Stewart Show: Stills!

Chief Sister Officer here, posting for Meg!

Live right now on the West Coast, the Martha Stewart blogging show featuring,,,,, and a chat with Check out FULL COVERAGE on Martha Stewart’s blog.

Meg Frost, originally uploaded by Frank Sugino.

Top 10 Sites You have to Check Every Day

Pcm_15_header THAT’S RIGHT MOFOS! We’re #4.

Come back daily, Capische!? [Holding hand up in ‘capische position]

Thanks, PC Magazine for calling Cute Overload one of your 10 Essential Websites!

What did you think of Wall-e?

According to a HuffPost review by Joshua David Stein, Wall-e is like this: "Think with robots instead of kittens and you’ll get the idea."


Thumbs "way way up" Ian F.? Not decided yet? Check out the trailer!

Linux H4x0rs in thuh hizzle

Check this out, Linux Source magazine is getting its cute on with the July 2008 cover. Whoa! [Say in Keanu Reeves voice]


C.O.X.L.M.C.U.:  Whooooaa!  [say in Mike Myers voice]


Obligatory triumphant h4x0r:

Scott N., thanks for the scr33n c4pp4g3!

[Here’s the CO post shown on that cover, by the way.  Well spotted, Erin! – Ed.]

You guessed it, Mom dog nurses kittens!

What would Mother’s Day be without some major interspecies snorgling and adoption action?

Lisa B., Happy Mother’s Day 😛

NPR has discovered why we like pandas…

Is it because they walk like Japanese schoolgirls!?

Is it because they squeak incessantly and demand milks?


Watch this video (on the NPR site) and find out.


Video by NPR’s David Gilkey, submitted by Faris H. 😉

Which cute animals are in the news this week?

Let’s check the "Kittiedex", The index that shows the most reported on animals of the week. Obviously, everyone should buy stock in Pandas.

News you can USE from Guardian UK.  Nice find, Sender-Inner Christina R.

THIS JUST IN: PC Mag 100 favorite blogs

Pcm_15_headerWeeeeeeeeeeee! C.O. made it onto the "Top 100 Favorite Blogs" in PC Mag just now…

Check out the whole list… including such favorites as DListed, GofugYourself, Cocktail Nerd, Fake Steve Jobs, etc.

My virtual acceptance speech: "PC Mag Editors, hearing that C.O. made this list is like a tiny little kittayn, in my ear, purring incessantly. Thank you!"

Gracias, Tom Hart!

Eagle-eyed Steffy T. caught this maynshons of C.O. in the 10/9 Boston Metro newpaper.


Thanks, Steffy and Hutch Owen

Whut up, Self Peeps!

Thanks for the mayn-shons, Self magazine.I agree, C.O, is all about de-stressing. And paws. And muzzlepowshes. And chomping on kitten ears while no one is looking.


Josée L., thank you for the SCAN-tabulous submishe!!!