Why We Love Cute Animals Online

THIS JUST IN! [waving Press hat] CNN special correspondent Damon Brown has included Cute Overload in his chronicle of why every generation needs some cute.

In short? Kittens are a refuge from “terrorism, Afghanistan and the Gulf oil spill.” Roger that.


Thanks, People Pets!

Picture 3 copy THIS JUST IN! The fine folks over at People have recommended the Cute Overload calendar.

It’s a “Must Have”! they say. Natch! But you already knew that.

Check out the Cute Overload calendar here. The wall calendar won’t fit in a stocking, but the Page-a-Day might!

THIS JUST IN: Vanity Fair is Addicted to Cute

I LOVE YOU ROBERT PATTINSON Will the world eventually sour from too much cuteness? This just in: Jim Windolf’s article “Addicted to Cute” just hit the magazine racks! It’s all about America’s love affair with Robert Pattinson all things cute. We got like, a quote in there! About squealing! [Head tilt eyes crossed]

Check it out…

Cats ‘n’ Racks on CNN ‘n’ Ars

crJeanne Moos, stellar Offbeat CNN Correspondent, included our very own Cats n’ Racks in a recent report. Jeanne reported on a fugitive/C.O. reader who had a cheepmonnk in her cleavage during police questioning. Detectives were, um, speechless.

Check out the CNN action

Not to be outdone, Must Read Ars Technica writer Ryan Paul figured out a way to mention Cats n’ Racks in a recent Firefox 3.5 review. GBTI (God Bless the Internet)

Check out the Ars Technica action

Greg Rutter’s Definitive List of The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You’re a Loser or Old or Something

We’re #27!



Whoooo-HOOOO!  Cute Overload just won an award in the 2009 Weblog Awards announced tonight at South by Southwest!

We were nominated in the category of "Best Topical Weblog," which is a special category for weblogs that can be applied directly to the skin.

Thhay, thath's thupendouth!

Thanks for bringing dessert, Christina V.

Ssssh, a peek at an internal newsletter at Turner Broadcasting

We just got word the insane-in-membrane folks over at the Turner Broadcasting London office created a very important internal memo. It’s a double spread, in the Ted newsletter, celebrating employee’s animals. Amazingly, they got the fonts to match and even mimicked our voice… see fer yerselfs!


View Wait, Sender-Inner Kasia, you guys named your internal newsletter "Ted"!? OMG! That means we must do a C.O. Newsletter named "Meg"!

[UPDATE — you can now click here to see a MUCH larger version! – Ed.]

C.O. in Dunder Mifflin News!

Angelamartin2Angela Martin of "The Office" has included photos from Cute Overload in her weekly column in the Dunder Mifflin Newsletter. This week, she tears puppehs everywhere a new one.

Also in this week’s issue: Dwight Schrute’s horrible elevator etiquette and Michael Scott’s economic advice for tough times.

Check out the newsletter heah.


Joya B. on line two, Michael.

Let’s get “Teh” in the dictionary! Think of the Scrabble® players!!!

People, the National Post is reporting that we are THIS CLOSE to getting the word "Teh" in the dictionary. That’s right: "Teh". Right next to "Meh" and "Truthiness." COME ON!

It’s prolly all Theo’s fault.



Thanks for the heads-up, The Dude!

Meg on Martha: Video!

Oi Peeps!  Meg is en route back to San Fran, but I’ve got video for youuuu…

This is of course our Fearless Leader featured this morning on The Martha Stewart Show.  Big hello to Martha & Co.!  I especially wanted to say hi to Eliad Laskin, too; Eliad is more-or-less my counterpart over at The Martha Blog.  w00t!

Oh — and those really are some nice cameras.  Not at all jealous.  😉
One more thing: The chow chow puppy post is here!