[U Haven't Been Brushing Twice A Day Like I TOLD U!]

IMG_4749[LOOK at these teeth! I BET U have a cavity, mister. Your father is going to be SO disappointed in you!]
(“The prairie dogs at the Smithsonian National Zoo are in a low walled area and they often come close enough to practically touch. The most important thing about this is that you can closely examine their totally stubtacular ears.”) -Guppy Momma.

Do Ya Wanna Play Do Ya Do Ya Do Ya

This little Prairie Dog is simply not gonna take no for an answer. And if the cat really doesn’t wanna play, well, there’s always that cardboard box. (Great Jazz Hands display and Backwards Movement going on, too.)

Laughing Squid.

The New Aerobic Sensation That’s Sweeping The Nation

Everybody do the Jump-Yip! It’s easy and fun- watch those pounds MELT away. (It might make you a little jumpy, though. And your neighbors will yell at you to knock it off.)

From Susan M.

We Prefer “Pringles” If You Must Know

But these do just fine, too! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM. OK, everybody in the Conga Line!

“This was taken at a highway rest stop in the middle of Wyoming. Very friendly prairie dogs begging from passing travelers.” -Cuteporter Gary K. with his Kodak DC280 Zoom.

Ah, May In Minnesota

That’s IT! Honey? Pack the station wagon, we’re moving to CALIFORNIA!

Submitted by Cuteporter Annie M. Photo by Krzysztof W.

When Will The PDA End?

It’s a non-stop love fest out there; kissing right out in the open! Don’t any of you have rooms?

Pirizoe and Carrie T. you are killing me!


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