‘Tocktober: Porky-PINE ‘Tocks Are FINE ‘Tocks

unnamed (2)Although ya gotta be careful how ya pet ‘em, right KB? “An orphaned baby porcupine in the care of the good people at The Wildlife Center at Crosstimbers Ranch in Texas,” she adds.

unnamed (1)

I Must Have The Snack! I Must!

There’s something in the bottom of that mug and Little Porky Pine Head has to have it.

HAS TO. (And just wait for the spinning around part.)

Yup, Tee Oh.

Got The Monday Grumps?

You’re not the only one. (Speakers up for the Squeaks, btw.)

“I volunteer at the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation and this little fellow is one of our current residents. Another volunteer and I took him outside for some exercise, but what he really wanted to do was nap! You can hear his grumpy little squeaks as we try to get him to move around. We haven’t named him as we are hoping to release him once he’s a bit older. However, many of us are referring to him by the oh so original nickname of “Porky.” -Sandi F.

IF You HAPPEN To Be In The Seattle Area-

This Tubby Baby Porcupette awaits! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. “Totes adorbz, I (KLUNK) died,” says Cuteporter Elizabeth R.



Ever Wondered What Teddy Bear Looked Like…

…as a bebeh? This little critter doesn’t have TB’s vocal chops just yet, but he knows how to work that bottle!


The Return Of Kemosabe

This chirpy little whackadoodle will make your day. Meet Kemosabe, the Prehensile-Tailed Porcupine, or “Coendou.”

If you missed him last summer, here he is at Animal Wonders in Missoula, Montana, clutching/nomming his favored papaya with his keeper, Jessi Knudsen Castaneda. When he’s not stuffing his prodigious belleh, he “gives educational presentations about his unique species, wildlife, and conservation,” according to his YouTube video clip bio.


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