Poll: Frolicking Bebeh Donkeh..Or Gamboling?

There are two ways we can go here. The original source headline used “Frolicking.” But I thought on it, and it seems like this little critter might just be gamboling. (Don’t hear that word much.) So- what do you think? Frolicking or Gamboling? Take our poll!

Frolicking: [frol-ik-ing] Noun: Merry play; merriment; fun; a merrymaking or party; playful behavior or action; prank. Verb: (used without object), frolicked, frolicking. Adjective: Merry; full of fun.

Gamboling: [gam-buh l-ing] Verb: (used without object), gamboled, gamboling or (especially British) gambolled, gambolling. Noun: To skip about, as in dancing or playing; frolic.

Frolicking baby donkey - Imgur

St. Patrick’s Poll: Kodie, Or A Pot O’ Gold?

unnamedWhich would you rather have? Take our St. Patrick’s Poll!


Poll: Snorkeling & Snorgling

The first thing people think when they hear the word “Shark” is: “Da DUM….Da DUM…Da Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum.” Let’s face it, Sharkies have a bad rep, deserved or not. So check this guy out- he gets all warm -n- fuzzy with a Big Ol’ Chomposaurus.

What do you think? Is this guy nuts for trying this? Or is Tarantino The Tiger Shark QTE & Cuddly after all? Take our final Poll of the year! (Thanks to Paul & Barb.)

Poll: Pick Your Kodie!

unnamed (1)Kodie The Ultimate Redonk Pupster is back, with two different Christmas looks. Which do you like best? Take the Poll!


Photos from Angela C.

Poll: What Do YOU Like Best?

*The Foldabuhl Muzzlepowsche.
*Sleeves rolling down over the furry pads.
*Peeping tongue.
*Stubby butt.

[ded.] [Imgur.]


Poll: Can Snakes Be QTE?

Good question. Today is as good a day as any to Go Polling!



Poll: Which is Sweeter?

IMAG0368_2“This is a photo of my sweet 2-year-old ResQte kitty, Gouda, giving the camera her best ‘Baroo?’ In fact, she is so sweet that I modeled her out of fondant icing and stuck her on some cupcakes,” Sarah H. tells us. The kitteh is sweet, and that Kitteh Cupcake HAS to be sweet, too. Which is sweeter?


Poll: Manta Rays- Cute Or NOT Cute?

You have to admit, these daggone Go Pro cameras can go..well, anywhere, and produce some stunning video. Like this video on Manta Rays. Normally not considered one of the Classically Cuter Species- this FAVE FRAME got me to thinking- Cute..or NOT Cute? (And note the Side-eye, please.)


Poll: Stumpy Cuttlefish ACTION At The MBA!

Lookit this little goofball, floating casually through the water at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Let’s go Polling, shall we? Cute? Or….NOT Cute. THAT ’tis the qwesh. (Note- I’m voting Cute. His first name is “Stumpy,” after all. -B.)

Bats, It’s Monday: To The Bat Pole Poll, Robin!

If you’ll recall, last Friday we had a Poll on Creepy Crawlies. And in the comments section, Jodi asked, “Could we please do a poll regarding bats? I’m extremely phobic and when I happen upon a bat pic on C.O. I freak out!” OK, fair enough- to the Bat Poll! (Bottom of post.)

Photos from BuzzFeed.


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