Knut’s Back! (Well Not Really, But Kinda Sorta)

knut_wideweb__470x346,2Remember Knut, everybody’s favorite winter roly poly? The little big dude (left) passed away almost two years ago.

Cheer up though, ‘cuz THERE BE POLAH BEARS IN BUFFALO! This plumpular girl (below) is Luna n’ she was born last November. Current digs: Buffalo Zoo.




PS The Buffalo folks need some cash for their polar bear exhibit. You know what to do. All photos from Daily Mail.


You’ve Never Felt So Happy at Such Grand Disappointment

Buzzy sends in the best thing I’ve seen this year by Ze Frank displayed on Laughing Squid.

Oh, Stump

Let me tell you all my dreams.

Via Guinness Wench’s Pinterest

What Are You Wearing to the Fancy Dress Party?

At any given moment, Lord Mumphrey is ready for a formal event.

Oh this? This is just something I threw together.

Can I wear a friend?

Fancy dress makes me weary.

Should I choose the dapper look or the Hawaiian look? What do you think?

Oh no, oh no, oh no! My nice suit is at the cleaners!

Why did no one tell me it was fancy dress?!

Way to go party animals, BuzzFeed, rrff737, hotshotjen CCattribution, Wayne Lynch, Webstagram, The Telegraph and Sven Micklishch

RIP Snow

Sad news to report, People. Snow the Polar Bear died unexpectedly Sunday night at the age of 17. Here’s the Denver Post with more details.

Snow and her twin brother Klondike were born back in 1994 at the Denver Zoo.

Thanks to Kurt Peterson’s FB page for the story.

I Got the Wings of Heaven on my Shoes

I’m a dancin’ man ….and I just can’t lose.
CO fan David John Rock in the UK asked us on our Facebook page to turn this series of photos into an animated GIF. And now it’s all right. It’s OK.

Photos by Steven Kazlowski. Lyrics by Barry, Robin, & Maurice Gibb. Made the GIF here. Inspired by T. Manero.

Faux Real?

No. I mean yes. It’s faux, but, it might be the only way I can have a pocket baby polar bear.

If it’s cute, it’s real BMXrider3996.

Call Mom Taxi 2

You can call a Mom Taxi anywhere. From the deepest jungles to the frozen tundra, Mom is always there for you when you need a lift!

You made us happy, Happy Jack!

Where Oh Where is Little Billy Bear?

Mom’s all: Where could Billy be?

Hmmm I wonder…

OK, get off my back.

Moms know everything, Ebitary.

Mom lends a helping hand, er, paw

So, look. Here’s the Mama Polar Bear and her two kids. One hops up onto the ice fine, and the other one has a wee bit of a problem. What does Mom do? She saves the day, that’s what! Watch her scoop up those Polar Tocks! (And listen for all the “awwww’s” going on.)

Taken off the coast of Greenland, from the RRS James Clark Ross during the UK Ocean Acidification cruise last month. Thanks for the vid, Vdhumph.