THIS JUST IN: And The Winning Name Is……..

The Toronto Zoo held the usual “Name That Cub” contest. Yer gonna hafta click the video, like we’re gonna spoil the surprise. (But wait ’til the 1:10 mark! Gaaaaaaaaa.)

Spotted on MSN News Canada. (No, no link. They mention the name!)


International Polar Bear Day (Updated!)

That would be today, February 27th! Check this site to see how you can show your support for these furballs. And the video below ain’t too bad, ‘neither. Amazing video work shot in the Great White North from Andrew Manske.


In honor of International Polar Bear Day, Google Maps takes you to Churchill, Canada- the Polar Bear Capital Of The World. Check it out!


Now, What’s This Snow Stuff All About?

These three critters are checking out snow for the first time. First, let’s see what the Toronto Zoo’s Little Polar Bear had to say:

Then let’s travel from The Great White North waaay down south to ‘Bama, where Sophie The Cat decides this snow thing isn’t so bad after all.

And then there’s Gonzo’s first snow day.

Polar Bear video submitted by Karen, aka Sasha’s Mum : Sophie video spotted on Boing! Boing! Gonzo from DP&F.

That’s One Small Step For A Polar Bear Cub…

To put a positive spin on that pesky Polar Vortex thing that’s been hasslin’ a good part of the US, (gasp, I sound like Sarah Palin, sorry) we bring you this Polar Bear Dude that’s just now taking his first steps after a November birth. (Make sure your speaks are up for the Polar Bear Squonking* Noises.)

This one’s for you, Knut buddy.

(*A squonk is kinda like a honk, but not exactly. Is that a word? Don’t think so! New term!!)

How Cold Is It?

It’s so cold, even polar bears can’t handle the polar vortex! Multiple news sources reporting from zoos across the country that polar bears are curling up and staying inside with their snuggie and a cup of cocoa in front of the fire !

Via CBS News. Photo of Anana, at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo, by Jim Shulz, Chicago Zoological Society/AP.

Bebeh Pola’ Brrr!

This is Henry, the newest member of the polar bear family living at Sea World, Gold Coast (near Brisbane), Australia. Born on May 9th 2013, Henry is the first cub to be born in captivity at Sea World. Henry may one day help in the conservation of the 25,000 polar bears left in the wild. You might think it unusual for a Polar Bear to be living in Australia, but then Australia is known for having a lot of unusual animals!



Click here for more about Henry from Yahoo!7 News, including a very “cool” video!
“Henry making his debut at SeaWorld on the Gold Coast in Australia!” -Nikki S., via Daily Life

Mom Taxi XIV: “Are We There Yet?”

[No, son…not yet.]

From Cuteporter Doris/Phred’s Mom, as seen on

[These headlines are starting to sound like “Chicago” albums. -Ed]

Mom Taxi XII: Time 4 A Lecture From Mom

Conversation prolly going something like this: “Young man, I TOLD you to buckle your seat belt after you climbed on.”


Found a lovely picture of a cub and momma bear looking each other in the eye. The cub also seems to want its “Mom Taxi.” Photo by Yves Adams.

Ford Trux: Built Polar Bear Tuff

Just ask Steve Kazlowski, the photographer who took these photos waaaay up in the Alaskan wilderness, and has been doing so for 15 years. He’ll tell ya- his truck can take it. (He’s in the photos, too- did he have a camera on a tripod? Or an assistant?) And remember the old joke- whadya give a huge polar bear to eat? Anything he wants!











Hats off to Mail Online, natch.

Bear With Us For A Moment

Got some fresh Polah Bear news from Noelle G.

“I love your site! Not sure if I have the authority to submit this video since it is from the BBC. [Oh sure, no worries. -Ed] But OMG! I thought you should be made aware of the cuteness.” [Always appreciated. -Ed]

The BEEB says Siku The PB has been taken into care in Denmark after his mom didn’t produce enough meelk. Check this out.