Bobblin’ -N- Wobblin’

If I could do anything and be anywhere this second- it would probably be at the Toronto Zoo gettin’ some snorgle time with this two-month old PB. Although they say the weather in Maui is nice this time of year, too.

But they don’t have Bebeh Polar Bears.

(Story spotted on Mashable.)


Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

These Polar Bears at the San Diego Zoo asked Santa for some snow for Christmas. Well, The Jolly Old Elf has come through in a major way- delivering 26 TONS of it. Kalluk, Tatqiq and Chinook seem to enjoy it a LOT. “This was a special day for the polar bears,” said Susan Purtell, senior keeper, San Diego Zoo. “I could tell they really loved it. It was great seeing them roll around in the snow, showcasing their natural behaviors.”

(Quote from SDZ YouTube clip : article seen on Mashable.)

What DO Polar Bears Dream About?

We still don’t know, but this goes to show, don’t eat pizza with anchovies after 9pm.


From Erin U. as seen on SF Gate.

Live From Manitoba: It’s Polar Bear Week!

(Actually it started on Sunday. Apologies.) So, the folks at have set up a live Polar Bear Cam (below) broadcasting from lovely and cold Churchill, Manitoba. The “Polar Bear Capital of the World.” Haven’t seen any PB types waddling by yet, though. C.O. thanks to Mike G. for the outstanding press kit.




Mom Taxi LIII (North Pole Edition)

[MA! I thought you were gonna bring my safety seat to sit in!!!]

(Nothing To Do With Arbroath.)

Flower Power Polar

One of the last lazy, hazy, crazy days o’ summer, captured by photographer Dennis Fast in Manitoba, Canada. As seen on My Modern Met.









Today Is YOUR Day, Ma!

[OK, I said that. Here’s a card. Now can we go get a Snow Cone, Ma? Huh can we Huh can we Huh can we?]

(From the U.S. Interior FB via Maureen P.)

PB Debut In The Great White North!

These images were taken in Manitoba, Canada from Andre and Anita Gilden, and capture a Bebeh Polar Bear exploring the outside world for the first time! (They were taken in 2014 but just now released.)



(Spotted by Smedley on Daily Mail.)

Happy International Polar Bear Day!

Celebrate with these great images from The Guardian UK. Paul Goldstein took these in Spitsbergen, Norway.







Oh, and maybe a video or two.

Thanks to Anna S. for sending!

Knut 2.0

Kinda looks like Knut, huh? (Sadly, the world famous polar bear passed away almost four years ago.) This happens to be Knut’s new half brother! According to Mashable, this fellow was born in December and surfaced for the first time over the weekend at the Rostock Zoo in Germany. He’s due to get a name in March. We translated a bit of their site:

“After ten years, it’s time again: There’s polar bear young in Rostock! The entire zoo team is very excited about the apparently quietschfidele cub. The parents are mother and father Lars Vilma. Will be up to the parent-child duo on the grounds to see, yet it takes a few weeks and depends on the weather. We hope for the end of March. Until then, we are on multiple screens about the zoo distributed recordings from the birth den of Vilma show that are updated weekly. On our website you will find already short clips from the offspring.”