Hampupmorph_final*Reality-Casual Friday.  What else?

Yes, this is Theo, messin witchoo again.  Source images are here and here.  Have a good weekend, peeps!

Don’t worry, I’ll put a real post up in a minute.  ;)


For all ya’ll who are shovelin’ snows lately, this one is for you. Check out this Chipmonkersons who almost got scronched. He’s all: "LAAAATE!"


Karen S., nice technique.

// EDIT — thanks to Suzanne for helping find the source image on MSNBC.com! //

Queen of dee carpet!

I am the queen. QUEEN OF THE CARPET!

You can BOW at my—er I CAN BOW at your feet!

The pet store says I am a boy bunny, but—I don’t care!


Carpetingks bunneh

Brandi C., he wears it well.

[rasssssssberry sound]


I must have eet. [Beady eyes focus on rasberries]


Nice hand-on-own-foot action [Left] and TEEEENY paw [right]

Ham3 Ham5

Thanks so much to "ShuuShuu" BUTTON QUEEN and sender-inner Lindsay C.

Um, I thought we had two male gerbils?

Nope, turns out you had a male and female gerbil, and now you have a whole passel o’ baby gerbils.


P.S. these are such delicious morsels that I bet if you hold one up to your ear, you’d hear tiny gerbil-snorgling-your-ear sounds. Right Gabrielle S.?

Mouse Bounce House


How prosh are these ball houses for field mice?

According to BBC Cuteporters, intense farming methods have left field mice homeless. To combat this, some 36,000 used Wimbledon tennis balls have been made into mini penthouses.

"Pish prosh!" [Say in English accent]


The score is Love all, K Lui ;)  

Glurpitty glurppity [repeat]

Nuthin’ like splayed squirrel ‘tocks to get your weekend started.

Ahn. [head tilt] glurpglurpglurp

His tiny little gut is fillllllin’ UP! [dancing around room]


Pass the leche, Heather M.

The ‘tousled’ look

How do I get this look?

It’s soooooooo easy—just a skosh of gel, right out of the shower, doused in mah top furs, and I’m out the door—on the go—ready for the day.

The beady eyes? those are alllllllll natural, baby. Can’t buy those.


OK OK, you got me, the real story is this: the sender-inner’s friend decided to bathe his hamster (the hamster’s name is Cristinel – we’re Romanian), because its ears were black. Turns out that’s their natural colour (duh). The photo was taken just after the bath. Thanks, Daniel I…. ;)

Sugar (Glider) lick

You’ve heard of salt licks? well this is a (Baby) Sugar lick.

Leave a little left for me. [Slurrrrrrrrrrrrp]


Meagan G.! I love glider flavor!

Total control freak

Yeah, I’m sitting on the food stash, which is on top of another chinchilla, which is on top of another chinchilla.

I might be Type A, sure. What’s the big deal? I like to know where I stand, know what I mean? [talks quickly] I’m the KING of this cage, Man.

I. Rule.


Chinchilla stax ‘n’ stax brot to you by Barney S.


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