All his songs are in ‘F’

[Ferret voice] Let me show you the right key, Little lady.

Like this [strummm!]


Rock and roll, Susan S. Rockin’.

‘Monks prefer Macs

Warrrrm lap-toppy… Ahn. [burrow burrow]

Nice submishe, Sparkalishe ;)

I am so effing athletic!

Yeeeeeeeee! Check it, Baybees!

And you thought Anderson Cooper had 360!

Wheel... of... mayhem

OK, OK, that’s enough [turns into a blob]

Asleep at the wheel

Kathy C., way to be…

massive COOKIE efforts

a bag of cookies!

JUST what I wanted.

I must take them to the kit-chon, where I shall consume theyme! [Now, if I could only walk straight]

Stephanie F., open the bag, Girl!

When in doubt SNORG A FERRET

When you’re just not sure what to do—grab a ferret!

Nibble an ear or two.

It will help.

Promise. (That is if the ferret wakes up from his INTERSPECIES SNORGLING NAP)


"Moochie nibbling on Fang’s ear" brought to you by TIna J. Photographer extraordinaire.

Hot pocket



Holy quivering muzzlepuffs, Mosey hamster and sender-inner A.J. M.!

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about

Check out this mini-snorg action.

Stop and smell the hamsters, People.


Um, Hello! translucent lickable ear alert!


Nicely done Mr. Bailey McFlufferson and sender-inner Andrea K.


DON’T BOTHER ME while I’m climb-bink! [paw fists up]


Getting Strong Nooooow!!! [Rocky theme music]

Ehn Ehn Ehn!

Climbink hiiigh now!

Meanwhile, his lazy girlfriend on the stairs is all: "Pass the bon bons"

J'adore less bons bons

Thees pair of stairclimbers brot to you by Janice G. ;)


Bim, Bam, BOOM!

He’s OUT, People!

Nice find, Sparky, and excellent movie, Rummel H.!

Now playing on CuteCaaaaaaaast!

Oh, and FINALLY a song that enhances the movie. Seriously, way to go, Rummel.

What’s a “Roborovski”?

Accordingk to Wikipedia, the "Roborovski" ham is a dwarf, and the smallest and FASTEST of all hamsters. Because, when you want a hamster, you want it fast. They also live the longest of all domestic hamsters—a whopping 3.5 years on average. [sigh]


Let’s also point out that beadiness is on their side.
Nice submishe, Sparkalish! You’ve got class, Justin Paul Barrass [photographer]


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