Now serving, piping hot ham

Served fresh and warm. Cup o’ ham.


I love this one, she’s all "der teh der, just drinkin’ my coffee" and the ham is all "NOTSOFASTBABY"


Nice woik, Latte (how appropriate) and Kendra M. 😉



Come here and I shall PUT YOU IN A HAPPY COMA!

Listen closely for the chirping sender-inner Tanya K…

This might shut down CuteCast…

CuteCast is doomed. In fact; "My First Broccoli" might just take down the whole InterNets.The muzzle pouche! THE FEET! THE HAMSTER ON BROCCOLI ACTION!

For crying out loud Mocha and Cadencestar—that’s some seriously potent shizz.

Colby, Swiss and Cheddar! [Z-snap]





[please note tiniest of bite marks!][And please note tiniest of extended foots]



Wanni W., I can see why your hand "becomes a couch" whenever your ham is nearby…

EXTREME Home Mouseover

This place needs an EXTREME MOUSE-OVER. Would you look at this red and white—what is this, a White Stripes video? Good God, People. Barbie wouldn’t be caught dead on this thing. And what’s with the TOILET? Oh, do not get me started on botched remodels.Barry_is_a_bit_large_for_his_couch2I guess I’ll move this little number next to the Stuart Smalley mirror over here. Hmm. Nice chaaaaiiir!!! [singsong]Barry_leans_on_the_couch1Dr. Anne, you may be the best mouse vet in the world, but fer cryin’ out loud, get some decent upholstery!

All his songs are in ‘F’

[Ferret voice] Let me show you the right key, Little lady.

Like this [strummm!]


Rock and roll, Susan S. Rockin’.

‘Monks prefer Macs

Warrrrm lap-toppy… Ahn. [burrow burrow]

Nice submishe, Sparkalishe 😉

I am so effing athletic!

Yeeeeeeeee! Check it, Baybees!

And you thought Anderson Cooper had 360!

Wheel... of... mayhem

OK, OK, that’s enough [turns into a blob]

Asleep at the wheel

Kathy C., way to be…

massive COOKIE efforts

a bag of cookies!

JUST what I wanted.

I must take them to the kit-chon, where I shall consume theyme! [Now, if I could only walk straight]

Stephanie F., open the bag, Girl!

When in doubt SNORG A FERRET

When you’re just not sure what to do—grab a ferret!

Nibble an ear or two.

It will help.

Promise. (That is if the ferret wakes up from his INTERSPECIES SNORGLING NAP)


"Moochie nibbling on Fang’s ear" brought to you by TIna J. Photographer extraordinaire.