11 on the Applause-O-Meter

[Whispering English accent into a microphone] and he has finished the dance with a bow… another stellar performace by Norville, the dwarf hamdancer. No other ham can come close to his ‘Handheld dances’ of perfect execution, tail posistioning, extended paw and ear tuckage. Brilliant…simply brilliant. [audience clapping]

11 on the Applause-o-meter

Pixy, nice composishe!

I shall (tentatively) pet you

Sender-inner Eliza M. sez: “My cat (Katherine Hepburn) found a mouse in our backyard. Well, really, the mouse found her. The mouse (who we named Frank) definitely had the upper hand in this fight, but I caught this rare moment of Katherine touching it (instead of running away). I think she’s thinking “It’s a real mouse! I shall touch it! No, I shall run away.”


Eliza M, nice kitteh name and story [head tilt]

Eye spy…

…with my beady eye…



Nice shag, Skyone :]

P.S. it’s taking all muh strengths not to try and bite his little ear off.


Goodbyeeeee! I ate too moishe in this here trough and I ken’t get out! I shall pereeeeshe by eating too moishe pellets! Nawm nawm nawm.


Nawmulent, Nathan B.!


If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you tickle a rat, now you know…

Nice submishe, The Dude ;)  Now playing on CuteCast…

WAIT A MIN—that’s a ferret.

They are sooooooo weasely—trying to get in on all the Easter action… Even the porcelain rabbit is surprised…

OMG that's a FERRET!

Hilary S., we caught this just in time.

Extremely comfertuhbuls gerbil

I wish my bed looked like this.


Jessica H., tuck "Kitty" in!

Now serving, piping hot ham

Served fresh and warm. Cup o’ ham.


I love this one, she’s all "der teh der, just drinkin’ my coffee" and the ham is all "NOTSOFASTBABY"


Nice woik, Latte (how appropriate) and Kendra M. ;)


Come here and I shall PUT YOU IN A HAPPY COMA!

Listen closely for the chirping sender-inner Tanya K…

This might shut down CuteCast…

CuteCast is doomed. In fact; "My First Broccoli" might just take down the whole InterNets.The muzzle pouche! THE FEET! THE HAMSTER ON BROCCOLI ACTION!

For crying out loud Mocha and Cadencestar—that’s some seriously potent shizz.


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