Major Spooning

Major Spooning, reporting for duty!

[salutes, then snuggles around Lieutenant PawWarmer]


OK, OK, "Snickers" ferret is the sable one and "Champ" is the Champagne one according to chat-roomer and Flickrr "Ferret_Person."

Outraaaageous ear tufts


May I burrow around ‘ere a bit?

[hands in respectful posish!]


I shall be but a moment!

[nice captioning, sender-inner Josh N.!]

The 1.5 Pound Gardener

1.5 pound rough and tough
Gardeningk Pup,
Put some dirt down,
She’ll dig it right up


Got an empty pot?
She’ll drag it over here
Waving her ‘tocks,
Tail, and pinktastic ears

C'mon back

Allison P., I think you have a good show title for a TLC series.

One-eared kitteh in a pocket

Mangy and lickin’ his chops!

I think he’s more aerodynamic with one ear. Or, at least pocket-dynamic.


Amber L., niiiiiice pockie.

Please just stop eet…

Oh, I see, showing off. Showing off with his one-handed cracker eating. Yes, Richard you ARE better.

Oh, and nice houndstooth, Bro.


Lolo R., Rock and/or Roll!

This site is driving me bankahs

This site drives me crazy. [Baston accent]

Not a post ahw day loyng, then I come home, from a haad day’s wehk, and there ahh like faar new posts!


What the %$^#!!, Kevin S.?

Peeking pocket hams

Please check out the anerable peeping action at the beginning of this movie. Then, stick around for Oscar-winning footage that follows.


LOOK INTO my beady eyes.

You cannot look away, they own you with their beadiness.

You can almost SEE yourself in my eyes, they are Beyond Beady. [B.B.]


Shannon R., nice patio photo shoot…

// UPDATE — click here for Reality-Casual Friday version! …aaand I’m out.  – T. //

Don’t look now, but there’s a squirrel in yer PANNNTS

A bebeh squirrel.



You know what? [holding hand up] I don’t want to even KNOW how it got there.


Ireegardless, he’s super prosh, Katherine B. ;)

Let’s check in on Moses and Cheeps

Last time we saw Moses and Cheeps, they were trying to find each other in the yard.

Is this photo 110% Pixar or what?

Moses: [unbelievably anerable tongue showing] Where could he be…
Cheeps: HERE I AM! [nips Moses’ ‘tocks]

Look behind you, Moses...

Moses: w00t! Glad I finally found you. Our tree-climbing lesson can begin…
Cheeps: Follow moi!

Oh, for crying out loud, this is redonk



Whomevah in teh Comments suggested a t.v. show called ‘Hamster and Finch" was spot on! Hee! Let’s do it, Hannah W.!


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