C.O.X.C.U.: Muzzlepooooooow-che

Please check out this ANERABLE portraitof "Maria" the ham, and her picture-perfect muzzlepow-che. It’s like aperfectly executed ‘C.O.X.C.U.!’

Maria close-up, originally uploaded by jpockele.


What do you think?

Hi.The name’s Professor McGuinulator. I have a—er—request of sorts. [Snorts into hanky] You see, there is this online survey I’d like to, er, ask you to fill out. [More snorting and shuffling of papers]

It has, er, fascinating questions in it, like; ‘what’s your favorite animal?’ And ‘do you have a current passport?’ Heh. You can even skip questions if you want to—the first page is the most important. I might grade you as a ‘C’ if you do that, though.

Tell us what you think

Nerd central

Vanessa C.; bee-boo-boo-bee-bee-boo-boo! [scientific console sounds]

Pardon moi, but…

I’m looking for Mr. Ear Tufts. Have you seen ‘eem?

[Flops outrageously prosh foot over edge]

Thank you. [Paws in respectful posishe]



Sender-inners Erin and Nathan, you are OOC. [out-of-control! say in Dana Carvey doing Regis Philbin voice]

Meanwhile, over at the accountant’s office

Accountants everwhere should have ham-powered shredders (yes, shredding appears to be a theme today.) Will you please look at this hamdonculous paper shredder designed by Tom Ballhatchet. Absolute analog genius!


A billion peeps sent this one in, including; MC2, Josh S., Barbara C., Ant, Jaclyn Z., Amy H., Meredith J., Janie K., and Anna 😉

Major Spooning

Major Spooning, reporting for duty!

[salutes, then snuggles around Lieutenant PawWarmer]


OK, OK, "Snickers" ferret is the sable one and "Champ" is the Champagne one according to chat-roomer and Flickrr "Ferret_Person."

Outraaaageous ear tufts


May I burrow around ‘ere a bit?

[hands in respectful posish!]


I shall be but a moment!

[nice captioning, sender-inner Josh N.!]

The 1.5 Pound Gardener

1.5 pound rough and tough
Gardeningk Pup,
Put some dirt down,
She’ll dig it right up


Got an empty pot?
She’ll drag it over here
Waving her ‘tocks,
Tail, and pinktastic ears

C'mon back

Allison P., I think you have a good show title for a TLC series.

One-eared kitteh in a pocket

Mangy and lickin’ his chops!

I think he’s more aerodynamic with one ear. Or, at least pocket-dynamic.


Amber L., niiiiiice pockie.

Please just stop eet…

Oh, I see, showing off. Showing off with his one-handed cracker eating. Yes, Richard you ARE better.

Oh, and nice houndstooth, Bro.


Lolo R., Rock and/or Roll!

This site is driving me bankahs

This site drives me crazy. [Baston accent]

Not a post ahw day loyng, then I come home, from a haad day’s wehk, and there ahh like faar new posts!


What the %$^#!!, Kevin S.?