Juuuuust chillin’ + Xtreme beadiness

"Speedy" the ham, rudely awakened by the sound of the camera.

Check it, he’s all: "whuuuuuuuuh?" [re-adjusts ‘pillows’]


How COULD YOU, Kim V.?


The Tired Toupée

Nah, don’t pass the Pomade—my day job as toupée will have to wait. I’m beat.

How about hand-feeding me some yogurt treeeeeeatsaaaggghhhhh [sticks tongue out]


James V., I think you better turn the AC on. [sigh]

Pardon moi, but where’s the Beady Eye Convenche?

I thought it was in this tree, but I don’t see the attendees.

Can you direct moi to the right locaishe? Thaaaaaaanks


Colleen M., I hope you’re going to the Keynote… I think they’re giving away free copies of iNut.

Pssst, the Beady Eye Convention is about to start.

[swishes down tree] [With English accent]

Exscuse me, Suh, but if you’ll follow me, the Beady Eye Convention is about to start. Right this way. [swishes back up tree]


Well, get a move-on, Matti K.! Aren’t you speaking at this thing?

Welcoming Lucy 3.0!

Lucy3_0001Lucy 3.0, the latest spokeshamster over at HamsterTracker.com has arrived! HamsterTracker tracks the incredible distance hams cover in a specially-crafted wheel.

According to Mathijs Van Der Pauw (yes, paw!) Lucy 3.0 is a healthy bebeh girl ham, just 5 weeks old, adopted from the local ham adoption center. (hee!)

Please note Lucy, below, in her travel box from the adoption center to Mathijs house. Check Mathijs thumb compare to Lucy 3.0’s size. Hilare!


I hope she is an active ham, Mathijs! We’re looking forward to watching her progress. 😉

Um, this squirrel could use a few pointers

First of all, NO ONE wears hats like that anymore. Duh. I should say that I approve of the sequins, tho.

And check out that eye chub. Don’t you just want to take only the (delicate-ist) of nibbles!?


Tracy B., did you dress her up like this? [say in Monty Python Holy Grail voice]


Who are these people, and how did they make those tiny rat boards? [shaking head]

[Obligatory] Hang 20, Brah!

Sender-inner Mark D., [hang loose hand signal] And yeah, I like the hop at the end, too.


Look, People, Everyone and THEIR BROTHER is sending this clip in, saying it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Um, we know. WE POSTED IT ALREADY!


The Dewd™, we got it. Best 5-second video on the Internets, we KNOW.

That boy is a P-I-G pig! [say in shocked voice]

As long as he doesn’t spit it all out when he’s done stuffing, I’m OK with this:

This Animal House moment ["I’m a zit! get it?"] brought to you by Sender-Inner Patrick and Jodi101.

I got yer flying hamsters right here

You thought we had flying hamsters (see background image of this site) Well, here are the REAL flying hams.

Nice work, MC2!