‘Twas the Guinea Piggeh Before Christmas

… But we heard him exclaim, ere the spinach leaf went out of sight, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good bite! Or a nibble. A nibble is very good too.

“Ira’s excited for the holidays!” -Brittany A.

Classic Meg Rewind: March 1, 2007

(These Classic Meg posts could also be called Meg-a-blast from the Past!)

Queen of Dee Carpet!

I am the queen. QUEEN OF THE CARPET!

You can BOW at my—er I CAN BOW at your feet!

The pet store says I am a boy bunny, but—I don’t care!


Carpetingks bunneh
Brandi C., he wears it well.

Merry Christmouse

Watch this little critter go all out and decorate this tree. Did he drive that home tied on top of a little mouse station wagon?

A C.O.-Certified® Quality Submeesh from Kate C.

And Now, a Hamonica Solo from Blues Legend “Hamblin’ Jack” Puxney

Oh, I woke up this mornin’, went a-runnin’ in the wheel
Said I woke up this mornin’, went a-runnin’ in the wheel
And I keep a-gettin’ nowhere, can’t escape the blues I feel…

Oh Yes Juan, These Will Do

Got an email with a McLinkersons on it (aka a Uniform Resource Locater) that led to some terrif photos. So whatta we do? POST’ EM, natch. From Cuteporter Juan C.





Le Individual Photo Creditos~
1) Sonja P.
2) Oliver B.
3) Owen H.
4) William A.

Lefties Rock!

I wonder if Paul McCartney could be as adorable and make all the girls squee like this cute rat star!

“Here’s Bombay. She’s learning to play the rat-tar.” – Lily S.-W.

Can’t You See It’s Late?

[Can you turn that stuff down? I’m trying to get some sleep!]

From The Reddit.

And Over Here, We Have a Genuine Replica of the First Sawdust He Slept In

Visiting the greater upper tri-counties area? Be sure to visit the famous Marty Mouse House, boyhood home to lovable Marty Mouse. Join H. Reynaldo Ratzenburg, your guide, for an informative tour full of revealing insights about this fascinating character, such as: Who the heck was he and why was he famous?

From Facebook via Sarah H.

Henry is a Very Proper Rat

He has refined taste and excellent table manners too!

“This is my friend James’ rat, Henry.  James posted this because there were non-believers in his circle of friends who denied his rat’s ability to drink from a teeny-tiny cup. Behold! Extreme ratty adorableness.” Jill B.

Classic Meg Rewind: Veteran’s Day November 12, 2008

Veterans, we salute you!

On behalf of grateful humans everywhere, thank you. [Holding salute]



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