Give ’em liberty or give ’em breath!

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

This united state of hamster sent in by F. Jenkins.


Your Concern is Very Touching

Tell us where you last saw your rack, ma’am. I’ll form the search party.

It will turn up sooner or later, Veronica H.

Up, Up and Away

Thanks to new Ratapult technology, rats are closer than ever to finding out if the moon really is made of cheese.

The Ratapult must be kept squeaky clean.

Avi hopes the moon is one giant yogurt drop, Megan.

You Have Disturbed My Slumber

That was most unwise, puny mortal. And now you shall pay for your insolence…

… with your immortal soul!!! [booming echo effect]

Danielle M. says: “This is June plotting to kill me for waking her up during her beauty sleep.”

Now You See It, Now You Don’t


What peanut?

Geoff B. writes: “Attached are some photos my father took while at a cabin in Ontario over the summer. The poor chipmunks were so hungry, they’d come right up for any kind of treat and didn’t seem to mind being photographed. This lil’ guy could even give hamsters some tips on the finer points of proper cheek stuffin‘”

The pirate life’s not all timothy hay an’ wheeeeks

Ye scurvy peegs an’ landlubbers, be it known to ye all Capt. Guinea Pillage hath proved ‘imself worthy, by way of plunderin’ yer sofa, to sail the seven settees an’ ther cushiony regions beyond.

Don’t forget to talk like a Pirate today, Laura B.

Ear ye! Ear ye! We May Have a New Rule of Cuteness

If you have spots on your ears it’s cute. But what to call said spots? Help!

Recently, on this post, flutterby suggested “flap frecks”.

Sender-inner Jen M. says her charming hamster, Romeo, has “ear splotchies”.

Jen M. says, “..ear splotchies.. they’re very “in” right now.”

Equal Rights for All Hams

This ends now!

Stop the ham hate!

Will you please check out this BLATANT DISCRIMINATION towards dwarf hamsters. Tewtelly appalling! [cross-eyed head tilt]

Like My Bum? is by digital_image_fan.

Even More Drams

Get ready for more drama, People. [shaking head]

Dramatic Chipmunk started it:

Then the Surprise Kittens were all ‘nah-ahn’;

Then Cupcake Dog was all ‘way’:

Meanwhile, this ham was all:

And now, piling on is… HUSKY DRAMA!

The addition of Juno the soul-stealing Husky brought to you by Hope K.

Introducing Lucy 5.0

Put your paws together for the latest addition to the HamsterTracker family:

Lucy v5.0! The treadmills are already spinning, calculating Lucy 5.0’s first run. Lucy has already clocked 10,244.09 meters, averaged speeds of 1.8 km/h, and consumed 11 ml of water per day and IT’S ONLY DAY 4! Sweet stats.

Obviously, this ‘half-long’ haired, blonde will achieve Greatness on the Wheel. Previously Lucys More details on Lucy’s arrival at: Thumbs up, Mathijs V.!