All I need ees a warm cup o’ meelks.

[Extends paws]

SOMEONE likes to play dollhouse!!! [singsong] It’s Erin S.!

Tops and Bottoms

As evidenced by the following pictures, it’s cute when you’re on the top or something is on top of you.

All hail (in order of appearance) BuzzFeed, Emily Rose and Love Meow, Extinction Bound, Animal Tracks and Gripweed.

Who’s wrapped around WHO’S finger?!

OK, OK, you got us, lil’ Marmoset. Photos by Bernd Settnik & Theo Heimann.

I’ll Never Live This One Down

That bird got the grub instead of me!

I am soooo gonna hear about this…

Embersing moment from Olivia M.

The Pitter-Patter of Defeat

Mah feets. Mah feets so beeg. Y’know whut that means?  That means I will never be abuls to find cute shoooes to wear! [little sob]

Maybe my feet are normal and everybody else’s are freakishly small.

From Stefanie K. and her well-balanced, Mango.

They Call This “All-Natural”?!

…Pentapotassium Triphosphate, Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate, Calcium Benzoate, Partially Hydrogenated Blayvinoids, Red Dye #2, Plaid Dye #7, Love Potion #9, Vitamin B-52, Eye of Newt Gingrich, Milk of Amnesia, Arrelliam Sickoffitol…

A once-in-a-lifetime shot by Michael Higgins. More at Huffpo.

The ultimate in-your-face

Please meet Flocke The Dwarf Ham-Ham. Flocke has been hassled day and night by the cat, so The Flocke-ster has decided for a little bit of late night payback- breaking into the kitteh food. Revenge never tasted so good.

How is The Flocke-erama doin’ these days, Stephanie K?




Whee, Carrie T.

Why Stuart, you look so…Little!

Look at Mr. Critter, just peeking out from someone’s jeans. Prolly hiding out from a Very Large Kitteh!

Another Prosh Pixdaus Production from Meow Meow.

Let the Games Begin!

Time yet again for athletes from around the world to face the ultimate challenge. Some will walk away champions, others will just… forget what they were doing and chase their tails. Cue the relentlessly majestic inspirational theme music!


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