Those aren’t Pillows! II

It may only SEEM like I’m repeating my "A" material. But this image is totally different. Yeah.


Chris C.’s mouse creepy crawled into this location and got photographed. Way to go, Chris.

Hammie + Fleece = soooo comfterbuls

You can practically see his little schnozzle moving. (No animation, I swear.)



Sand trap!

Looking a lot like a golf ball himself, this little dude passed out while reaching for his 3-iron.


Claudia L! Ehn! [falls over.]

Dude, turn that light off!

You think I have too much time on my hands? Get a load of this “Skwerl” site—it’s brilliant—especially if you agree we’re all “IN THE CLUTCHES OF SQUIRREL WORLD DOMINATION.”

Here’s a prosh baby one for you too:


Squirrel: Baroo?  Thanks, Paul H.!

Simple steps to eating yogurt

In case you had any questions on how to eat yogurt off a lid, here is a primer [in the middle of the page]. And believe me, Nana knows what she’s doing; " You have to pay attention, because there are several steps that you must follow!"


Thanks to Lauren H. for sending in, and as always to Javi L. for Baru’s homecage.

Totally out of control hamster

This hammle is so out of control, it’s hilarious. Guess what happens when he goes too fast on his wheel? THE LAWS OF PHYSICS TAKE OVER!!!


Sent in by Yi Y. ;)

Rule of Cuteness #20 Animals + crockery is cute

Originally acknowledged by Fiv3r, and recently mentioned again by Theo ("Pets in Pots" anyone?) It’s time to make it official with Mr. Woodchuckers here. Oh, and he has teeny ears. Go Northern College!


Thank you, Emily W. ^—^

New levels of Stooptitude!

If you think I’d stoop so low as to try and cater to the Slashdot crowd with this "Hamster + Logitech" image…


You’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Oh, and it’s Soooooo Rule #14.


Baroo? [little Hammie looks up]


A thousand thanks, Trey G.

The Chiptacular Adventures of Chippy the Flying Squirrel

The name’s Tacular. Chip Tacular. I live in a sweet burgundy, velvety, tubular pad.


I’m what you might call "on the prowl". I show up when you least expect it—the company Holiday party for example… You thought that was punch? guess *hic!* again…


I need a wingman for this gig. How about that Dude over ther—EHN! [jumps from cup]


Wot up bro?

[Pup: speechless]


The hors d’ouevres aren’t bad this year, Huh? Nice sushi station, too. Now if only I could talk to that buh-lond…woo! H-O-double-T! [takes swig of liquid courage]

Dude, Nice chattin’ but gotta bounce. Late! Ehn! [jumps]

[Land’s on blond’s head]

Pupette: [Muffled] Baroo?

Chip: Listen, Blondie, I know what you’re thinkin. What’s Chip Tacular doing at a party like this? I’d be askin’ the saaaaaaaame thing. It’s just your lucky day.

Pupette: [Gulp!]


Moochas gracias to Lisa P.

Hamster Hotel

Well since my Baby left me
I founda new place to dwell
It’s down at the end of lonely street
the…Hamster Hotel


oh Bebeh

(thanks, Olkah!) P.S. EXTRA points if you sing it in a Nigel Tufnel voice.


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