Weekend of Excess

I’m gonna totally go nuts this weekend! I’m gonna eat as many carrots as possible and PASS OUT!!!


Hamsters Anonymous sent in by Bill M.



Heeey Maria! Wadda you wanna cook for? Let’sa go-ah to thee Pizza-reea! [Jumps on the Vespa and kicks out foot]


Ciao to-a Lincoln G.!


[Sung to the tune of ‘Copa Cobana‘ by Barry Manilow]

Her name was Penny, She was a hamstah
She was the-size of a coin, lots of money she purloined

She would m-e-r-i-n-g-u-e, and do the cha-cha,
She had the tiniest of ears, tiny paws and a striped rear,

And then the punches flew, and chairs were smashed in two
There was blood and a single gun shot
But just who shot who?


Sent in by Emily White, owned by Dennis Milechin—a 2-week old bébé Russian dwarf hammie.

Allergy season

Is it just moi, or is it like, allergy season from hell? Even Sir HammyPants is sneezing obsessively. HAAAM-CHOO!


Big crossed-paws-props to Tammy R. who is doing a phtoo book on hamsters. Tammy, you MUST let us know when your book comes out—great photo!

Mia’s hamsters have names!

A huge THANKS to all who participated over the weekend on naming Mia M.’s hamstows. She would like y’all to know that she has chosen two sweet names and submitted the photo below for you to see.


"Mei" and "Suki" are great choices, Mia. Congratulations, Marianna, Peg F. for the great suggestions. I still like ‘Mani" and "Pedi" but those aren’t very Chinese, now are they?

Name these Hammies!

Poor reader Mia M. has a dilemma. Two anerable [this just in ‘female Chinese dwarf’] hamsters without names! Can YOU help her? Just take a peek as these prosh lil’ girls..

Cimg2468 Cimg2470_1


Hmmm, they like costume jewelry—perhaps fashion designer names?  They like hanging out on elbows and shoulders—perhaps Mani and Pedi? The POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

All Hammy Friday: PuffyBear spoons

I’m warning you. If you look directly at lil’ Puffbear’s teeny tail—you might keel over instantly. It’s really the END to a perfect week. Get it!?


Beautifully shot and in the collection of Seattle Roll. 🙂

All Hamster Friday: Broccolis? for moi?

Amazingly, lil’ Kumanoko always appears to have his mouth open in astonishment. Prolly amazed by his own cuteness. Even HE can’t believe himself!


OK, perhaps most precious detail photo EVAR? You cannot disagree.


Snorting brocca-leh! She’s snorting! UHN [Say in Dana Carvey voice]
Once again, Seattle Roll gets the prize for best macro hamster lens.

All Hammy Friday: Lili!

Dangerously close to a certain other ‘World Peace’ hamster in her noshing habits, this is ‘Lili’ the rotund, kernel-eating fluffmobile. Do not get your fingers too close to her mouf.


All Hammy Friday, made possible by Seattle Roll.

All Hammy Friday!

People, get ready. Set up your sleeping bags and viewing perches because It’s ALL HAMMY FRIDAY! First up is our favorite lil’ blond, Kumanoko, he’s ready to—HE’S SLEEPING AGAIN!




Seattle Roll, How do I love thee?