The Hamtrak ’06

This is not happening, People! Please take a look at these anerable hamster teams, lining up to race at the HamTrak ’06. There’s one called "Rocket Rodent" which is the best name. You can see the movie here if you don’t live in the UK.



At least their wearing protective gear, right Pheral?

Hungry, hungry hippo ;)

Porcelain hippo casualities in Hamsterville! HEEEELP!!! Gulp.


Ruby G. says this hamster goes by the name of "Loretta Jones." AND the hamster has a ‘husband’ by the name of Ricardo Jones. Hammies these days.

Don’t Fear the Meepers

"Were-Bassoonist" (The late-night bassoon-playah) writes: "Lookit the baby ferrets!" Well would ya just look at them? would ya? Oh, and don’t get a flashback from that hallucinogenic blankie.


Is it true bébé ferrets are known as ‘meepers’ ? Holy smokes, that’s the best.




Thank you, Shimmering Lupine and Mistyka!

Well it’s a one for the money, two for the show

Now, go cat GO


Sender ‘Liquidmindquest’ prefers the young Elvis, BTW.

No, hamster tongues are not a figment of your imagination

You thought you only saw hamster tongues in your dreams—the dreams where you went to the Puppy-Comic Book-ice cream-trampoline store. But no. THEY’RE REAL!


I swear it’s true! Thanks to Kappa Alpha frat bros Monty ‘Ornk! Ornk!’ and Wire.

Hee Pig

Hiddy-ho Lil’ Piglets, Flop McGuinersons here and welcome to Hee Pig, live from Kooorrnfield Kounty! The whole gang’s here, but FIRST, it’s winners of the Novelty Clogging Contest… [curtain opens]

The Steele Family Cloggers!!!! [waves paw towards curtain—wild applause]


Unbelievable munchies

Dood, I know, I know, the drum circle can WAIT, MAN! It’s all about these cupcakes right now. wooooo! who MADE these!? They’re like, organic or something. They are GREAT, man!


Delicious, smeared props to “Poison” Evy ;)

Weekend of Excess

I’m gonna totally go nuts this weekend! I’m gonna eat as many carrots as possible and PASS OUT!!!


Hamsters Anonymous sent in by Bill M.


Heeey Maria! Wadda you wanna cook for? Let’sa go-ah to thee Pizza-reea! [Jumps on the Vespa and kicks out foot]


Ciao to-a Lincoln G.!


[Sung to the tune of ‘Copa Cobana‘ by Barry Manilow]

Her name was Penny, She was a hamstah
She was the-size of a coin, lots of money she purloined

She would m-e-r-i-n-g-u-e, and do the cha-cha,
She had the tiniest of ears, tiny paws and a striped rear,

And then the punches flew, and chairs were smashed in two
There was blood and a single gun shot
But just who shot who?


Sent in by Emily White, owned by Dennis Milechin—a 2-week old bébé Russian dwarf hammie.


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