There once was a hammie named Joe
Who ate all his O’s on the go,

He was carried around
His munchies, profound!

He could barely wave ‘Cheerio!"


OMG, I know you can write one better than that, Winnie!


How to make microburgers for your hamster

If you really love your hamster, you will do this for them. [Guilt-inducing hamster look] This recipe from Mathijs van der Paauw (No I didn’t make up that name really has ‘paw‘ in it.)

How to Make micro Burgers for your hamster (exceprt below)

Step 1: Gather the finest ingredients and tools: Ham, bread, optional cheese, something green for the ‘lettuce,’ cutting board, apple corer, and insane amount of free time. Go!

Step 2: Prepare buns: Test the corer on a delectable bread slice. Core out two ‘buns’. Easy—eaaaaasy!


Step 3: Prepare meat, green stuff and cheese: Again, with the apple corer, prep your (ham) patties, parsley spriglette and optional cheese.


Step 4: Stack with care


Step 5: Serve! Let’s see how Mathijs’ pet Lucy the celebrity hamster liked it. Will she give it the paws up?


Lucy sees her delicious Hamster burger and scuttles over to sniff before….FULL CHOMPING! She likes it! She really likes it! Can you say ‘Sayonara Spriglette"!?


As always, thanks to Mathijsand Lucy over at HamsterTracker.


Nougat the Guinea Pig: “Hey! that is MINE and you know it!”

Toffee the Guinea Pig: [shifty eyes]


Nougat: “Give it baa…GALGGGH”


Great, now what happens, Ryan R.?

As the Wheel Turns

Hammette 1: "Would you just look at her? She is such a—"

Hammette 2: "I KNOW—She thinks she is so HAWT"


Hammette 1: "Dewd, we’re audi. Let’s go to Wet Seal or something—I totally need new jeans"

Hammette 2: "Fine—but we gotta stop at Forever 21 first."


Hammette 1: "OMG PON1ES! she’s like totally coming over here! That bitch!"

Hammette 2: "Just, like IGNORE HER! Let’s go! …Ehn!"


Brought to you by Miss Shari and her delectable photostream.

Tonka truck delivery

Hey, you know those baby mice you ordered? They’ve just arrived. [Beep…. beeep!]


Thanks for the delivery, ‘Cut It Out’!

Stop the insanity

OK, that’ s IT! I’m starting a ‘Cozies’ category. This is absolutely TOO much. Who dared knit a squirrel sweaer much less GET IT ON A SQWERL? Who dared! Holy Nuts,People. I bet it was the tree sweater woman.


I agree, Linda, it hadta be hand-raised…

Star your day off RIGHT

Why not start the day off right, with a little hot tea and OH MY GOGGGGGGGALGH [ptoooey hamster fluff in mouth]


Dwarf Hamster "Sergei" will be serving your tea this morning. Cheers, Cortney A.!

Hollering in amazement

[Hollering] "I can’t believe how outta control the comments got yesterday!"

"I mean, REALLY, PEOPLE!!!" [Still hollering]



Hamster-sized meals

Ruhmember this hamster and his mini meals? I finally saw them on J-Box. Because you NEED tiny food items for display or for your hamster photo shoots. Check them out. Once again the Japanese are handing our asses to us in (mini) Cuteness. Bless ’em.



Then, EBAY is full of the stuff. Holy Mini Muffins!

P.S. Yes, I have a thing for fake Japanese food. I love to look at the Japanese sushi joints with the ‘meals’ in the window.

[Sound of hitting the keyboard with head]

Oh, exscuse me while I BANG MY HEAD AGAINST THE KEYBOARD from FALLING OVER! Ms. Tiny McTailersons is just too, too much. Even her little yellow bowl is cute.


Her paws look like Q-Tips, don’t they, Ellen C. and Woupidy?