Piglette lips

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never really had the opportunity to study a Guinea peeg’s lil’ face before. I mean, look at lil’ "Lippy" here. what a prosh little nose, and teeniest muzzlepuff evar. She’s like, 60 percent schnozzle.


Tiny, twitching thanks to Tanya H.


This one goes out to Sparky and Pop

This one goes out to my hubbles Sparky. Sparky’s Pop passed away yesterday. Sparky feels sad about it, and I’m sure he’d rather be this hamster right now, dreaming of fresh broccoli trees.

Paws up, Sparkalish! XOXOXO.


Thanks so much, María.

Staging tips for house selling

1. Try looking at your house “THROUGH THE BUYER’S EYES”
2. Paint all rooms needing paint, and throw Timothy hay around where needed
3. Create curb appeal by placing large slices of apple on the driveway
4. Place Guinea pigs in the north east corner of every room


Mark L., Let the offers roll in.

Apologies in advance for over-using the Pepe Le Peu voice this week

OOOOOOOOHHHH BEBEH, How I LOF your blue mesh triangle-collared shirt—and dee red hair, like Bree on dee Desparate Housewifes. You—you are Desparate too, non? SSSSSSHHH—don’t say a word… Just let me kees!


[whiskers whisking] Aleeeex W.—you shouldn’t haaaave…

Xtreme gluttony

MMMMMM, a delicious McGrapersons. I must have eet! [Paws up]


I can do thees eef I try really hard. EET WEEL FEET! GERGGG [Tiny nose twitches]


Hmmmm. Need a Plan B. [Thinking, clenching tiny paw] Think, Moose, think!




Tiny hamster Moose and Michael L., MERCI!

Just what IS B.E.F.!?

Beady Eye Factor? Broccoli Eating Factor? BOTH!?

[worlds colliding]


thank you thank you, Brinke G.

Pocket ‘lope

[Teacher voice]

Students, the African DikDik is a ridiculously cute animal. You will not find a a more anerable member of the antelope family, though the tree-standing-and-munching Gerenuk comes close.


DikDiks are dainty little ‘Lopes, standing 30 to 40 cm tall, weighing in at only 3 or 5 kg. The perfect pocket antelope size. Purse-size mohawk comb included.


Ramon C.—You win the prize for most anerable antelope evar submitted.

Vacation preparation

"Honey? got the film cannisters ready for the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!"


Way to go, Soyon… 😉

Favorite Australian animals 2

Holy Marsupials! This could not be sweeter…


Orphaned Pocket roos from Mo L. at Wildcare Australia.

Maybe they’re talking about retirement

Acting decidedly un-squirrelly, these pals camped out on sender-inner Carisa’s fire escape. Do you EVER see squirrels chill like this? [singsong] Nooooo!!!! [/singsong]


Carisa S., [Patting back] Good job.