Das Hammen und das Rakken

It was only a matter of time before hams got in on the action. Little hams everywhere are prolly shoving cats out of racks with a mighty "EHN!" so THEY can have the place to themselves. And whatever hams want—HAMS GIT.


tiny white muzzlepouch thanks to the girl that sent in this delightful photo whom i can’t find in the bajillion email C.O. mailbag after searching for an hour. If you recognize your rack, write in!

Das Hammen und das Rakken

It was ONLY A MATTER OF TIME before hams got in on the action. Move over KITTEHS! THE HAMS WANT IN! (Oh, and whatever hams want? Hams GIT.)


Right, Sender-inner who’s email just got placed into the swirling vortex that is the C.O. mailbag and I can’t find it after an hour of searching—<gasp> right?


THIS is completely unacceptable.

What a CRUMBELIEVABLE way to start off the week.

I swear—WHO SENT THIS IN!? [Looking around the room shifty-eyed]


LOL, ‘Tock-sniffin-ham-owner Jane H.! ;)

Pass the Haagen Paaws

I just LOOOVE that Dulce de Leche.

Passitover. C’mon.



Squirreltastic image from Chelsea W.

This is the LAST place he’ll look!

LOL—this is "Ratty" the rat hidingk under "Hemingway" the cat. Apparently, Hemingway spent 15 years chasing rats and has had it. This is soooo Tom and Jerry, I love it.


Rock and roll, Jordan D.

The first ever bat on C.O.

We’re not against bats here at C.O. headquarters. Really. It’s just hard to find a prosh-enough bat to post. Well, those days are over thanks to alert reader Melissa S. Melissa spied this previously "overlooked source of BEF!" from a mile away. I like his little wing nubbins.


Bats off to you <groooooan> Melissa S. ;)

Piglette lips

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never really had the opportunity to study a Guinea peeg’s lil’ face before. I mean, look at lil’ "Lippy" here. what a prosh little nose, and teeniest muzzlepuff evar. She’s like, 60 percent schnozzle.


Tiny, twitching thanks to Tanya H.

This one goes out to Sparky and Pop

This one goes out to my hubbles Sparky. Sparky’s Pop passed away yesterday. Sparky feels sad about it, and I’m sure he’d rather be this hamster right now, dreaming of fresh broccoli trees.

Paws up, Sparkalish! XOXOXO.


Thanks so much, María.

Staging tips for house selling

1. Try looking at your house “THROUGH THE BUYER’S EYES”
2. Paint all rooms needing paint, and throw Timothy hay around where needed
3. Create curb appeal by placing large slices of apple on the driveway
4. Place Guinea pigs in the north east corner of every room


Mark L., Let the offers roll in.

Apologies in advance for over-using the Pepe Le Peu voice this week

OOOOOOOOHHHH BEBEH, How I LOF your blue mesh triangle-collared shirt—and dee red hair, like Bree on dee Desparate Housewifes. You—you are Desparate too, non? SSSSSSHHH—don’t say a word… Just let me kees!


[whiskers whisking] Aleeeex W.—you shouldn’t haaaave…


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