This Sqwerl is Tewtelly KNOCKED OUT.

Senor Squirrely Pants here is sleeping just long enough while he decides if he’s gonna scratch your eyes clean out.


Well do ya feel lucky, Kate B.?


Tommy! Is that thing on?

[camera nods yes]

Look, I’m crawlin’ inta tha ‘Baastin Baked Beans jah! It’s wicked dahk in heah!


I’m dunkin’ in heah like a friggin’ Dunkin’ Donut!


Aw right are you getting this, Tommy? We gotta send this back to the guys at UMASS!


Wicked Pissah, Mitzi!

Would you please look at my legs

…’Cause I’m not sure if they’re elbows or legs. They kinda bend like elbows, and thankfully, they keep me right side up with my huge schnozzle.

Also, can someone please explain why I’m hanging out on a placemat? This place is—foreign to me! [say in unfrozen caveman lawyer voice]


Non-stop nose-twitching thanks to Sara L.

This ferret is sad due to lack of posts

[Looks up tenatively]

Why so few posts in the last 2 days?



Sorry guys… you know how it is with work and shizzle… Thanks for the Ferrle, Beth M.


Leeeeeeeeeeeet’s check in on For those of you just joining us, Baruchito first captured our hearts paw-feeding himself corn kernals in his fluffy lounge. Ever since, we’ve followed his family via the site.

Here is Baru’s wife ‘Flan’ snaking some tasty morsels.


Bravo, Javi! ;)

What planet are we on again?

On the planet of Pocket Petia, these little cracker-eating guys are everywhere. Is he a Kangaroo rat? Holy smokes, I have no idea. Somebody hep me!



This tiny Fennec fox is too much! (or did I mean to say TOO LITTLE!?!)

[Paws waving in air in delight]


Stuff it!

I guess telling someone to "STUFF IT" isn’t so bad after all. You’re pretty much saying they’re cute. In a  ‘prepared-for-anything-snax-to-go’ kinda way.


Dope! (on a Slope)

Just what the heck is going on in this household?!

OK, apparently, "Mali" the rat and "Squirt" the cat are pals, who like to engage in Rule #4. Just why Mali sports a ‘devil’ costume is unknown, but who really cares? I thought she was Mighty Mouse at first. Shows you what I know.



Nice find, Sheryl S.! ;)


Dees ees joist what I wanted for my loook. My wheeskers preened in joist thees way—weeth thees new Hamster Wheesker Oils®, I can get thee perfect look for my beeg hamster date tonight. I…look…MAHVELOUS!


Merci infinement, Fenn L. ;)


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