Don’t step on the guin-bee pig

Oh, just STOP IT, Krista H. You have got to be kidding me with this one. Tewtel LOL.

This web site is going straight to hell during the Halloween season. It’s like Pets-in-Costumes-Central over here. I know I SHOULDN’T encourage dressing up pets, but…I…must…POST THEM!


bzzzzzzzzzzz [chomp on carrot] bzzzzzzzzzzz

‘Tocktober! [guitar riff]

Cheesey DJ: "Comin’ ATCHA! We’re celebratin’ ‘TOCKTOBER all month long, People, spinnin’ the hits with traffic on the eights! Are you there, caller?"

Katherine C.: "Yes! I’m here, and I got some Prairie Dog ‘tocks for ‘Tocktober!!! woooo!"

Cheesey DJ: "HEEEY!!! It’s a Prairie Dog TWOFER!"


[appause sound effect]


‘Tocks up, Kat C…. ;)

Floppy, just-napped limbs

Just-woken-up-from-his-nappie-limp-limbed-Ferret-Pants "Zilla" sends his regards to C.O.

A pleasure to meet you, Zilla… [flop]

BTW, what’s up with everyone’s ears today?! Do they all come from the same EAR FACTORY!?



Thanks ferry moishe, Kit the Pirate ;D

It’s Stu, the newly egotistical pocket pet!

Sender-inner "SJ" writes: "Stu has become quite full of himself since appearing on Cute Overload … he’s no longer willing to sit idly by and let the cats hog all the racks.  He’s on a mission and may soon be popping up at a rack near you…you’ve been warned."



SJ—promise us you’ll share your rack with cats too…and nice touch with the ear-bending.

Happiest of birfs

Here’s what you should do today. Think of EVERYONE in your address book. Young or old. Could they be having a birthday today? Why, yes! Yes, they are! So:
1. Print out this hammie image and present it to them or
2. Send them this URL.

Good deed DONE, PEOPLE!


Way to go, Alice the Ham and Grace H. (milliner extraordinaire)

I see we have uh, some pumpkins here

[Cliff Claven voice] It’s a little-known fact that the, uh, pumpkin is actually a fruit. [twiddles paws]


They won’t mind if I, uh, have a taste, there. [chews seeds]


Just a little gnawin’ woooon’t hurt ’em. Perfectly reasonable for this time of, uh year there.


Well, I might as well climb on in. [sighs]

Did you know the name pumpkin orginated from "pepon"—the uh, Greek word for "large melon"?


Hey! [echoes] even more seeds!


You know, roasted, they make a nice uh, snack, there.


[chews] You know, it’s a little known fact that, uh, the largest pumpkin ever grown weighed 1,140 pounds.

Well, that about, does it there. [Looks around]


Nice work, sender-inner and T-shirt designer Tom ;)

Could sugar gliders be ANY cuter?

No, sugar gliders simply could not be any cuter… I mean, look at this little guy crawlin’ around. They’re totally Beady-eye Central Pocket Pets. Paris Hilton is soooo gittin’ one ASAP.


Krista H., what’s his lil’ name!?

Remember when times were good and you could fall asleep in a bowl?

Señor FerretPants here remembers. [say in Pepperidge Farm voice]

In fact, he’s dreaming about it right now.

Those were good times.


BEST EARS of the week, Sarah A.!

Kumanoko, thrilling children everywhere

With his tiny honk-shus:


hernnnk-sherh. hernk-sherh.


Seattle Roll, nobody does it better…

Das Hammen und das Rakken

It was only a matter of time before hams got in on the action. Little hams everywhere are prolly shoving cats out of racks with a mighty "EHN!" so THEY can have the place to themselves. And whatever hams want—HAMS GIT.


tiny white muzzlepouch thanks to the girl that sent in this delightful photo whom i can’t find in the bajillion email C.O. mailbag after searching for an hour. If you recognize your rack, write in!


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