Palmolive—Softens Ferrets While You Do the Dishes

Madge the Manicurist: "Relax—it’s gentle on ferrets [forcing ferret back into green liquid] He’s already soaking in it!


[After] Honk-shuuuuuuuu


Julie T.? Way to combat "Dishpan" ferret

You get the ‘Speechless’ award

This squirrel is so soft and so perf. It’s kinda like when I saw this Pomeranian pup and couldn’t speak for three hours. That’s how cute this squirrel is. That good.


Abigale F.—you know it’s good when we’re speechless. We should start a "Speechless" award.

Oh noes!!! Kumanoko!


Dear Kumanoko!
I hear that you are feeling ill! You just gotta pull through, little buddy. You are too gosh-darn cute—these photos of you in your pink and white blankie are the epitome of ‘comfertubuls.’

Hang in there, Kumanoko!

XO, Meg

“She was the most wonderful hamster I’ve ever had.”


Dear Baruchito and Flan,
Take good care of Nana up in hamster heaven! All our X’s and O’s to you, Javi. Thank you to all your wonderful hamster stories over the past year… We’re sorry for your loss. Nana was a sweet, sweet girl.

Evil McScampersons?

What is it about these ferrets that makes me think they could RUN UP YOUR LEGS AND ATTACK AT ANY MOMENT? It’s like my ridiculous fear that anything mechanical can and will suddenly explode for no reason. I bet blue furry slippers is dangling a filet mignon.


Ferrets like Béarnaise sauce, Robin M.!

Ham ‘n’ Seek

Bear: "…97, 98, 99, 100! Here I come! Ready or noooooot!"
[Paws up] <<giggles>>


Kristen H. <3 <3 <3

Ham Head Spin

i said a hip hop the hippie the hippie
to the hip hip hop, a you dont stop
the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie
to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat


UHN! S.M to the G

Lap Ferreeete

When the winter months git all cold and sniffle-y, it’s time for a lap ferret.

Just long enough to warm you up.


Just try not to eat his ears, Yukari.

Hover Ham


[nyerrrrrroooooooow!] (Fly by sound)

[teeny paws wiggle]


Now that he’s landed, he’s far more dignified…


Pass the salt, would you please, Brandon?

Pocket Snoresville


Pet ’em!




*Cute Overload X-Treme Close Up

Thanks to Heather A.


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