Ferret Loaf

Bake at 425 for 18 minutes.

Careful to not allow fur to singe.

Poke with a toothpeeck to test if center is done.

et, Voilà!


For the whole family, Peewee ferret and Espinosa J.

Control over the remote

[the delightful sound of swiveling muzzlepuffs, sweeping over remote control]

Ham 1: "I wanna watch 24!"
Ham 2: "No way, José, it’s time for ‘Heroes’"
Ham 3: "Dewds, "Heroes" beats "24" head-to-head, but "24," along with a stronger performance from "Prison Break," helps Fox eke out a wins in the hams 1-3 years demographic, according to preliminary data released Tuesday by Nielsen Media Research. So—the choice is obvious."

[Great ball of fur frenzy ensues]


Thanks, Jessica W. from NY Hamster House!

A little ‘Warmer’

You when you’re drinking coffee, and you’re ready for a second cup, and the diner waitress says: "How about a warmer, Hon?" and you go "sure, thanks", so she fills the rest of your somewhat-empty cup with warm coffee? Well this is a little warmer, but in rat form. Just a liiiiiiittle warmer than you were before, right Erika?


I love the look on Erica’s face here, she’s all, "this is pretty much the ushe."



And let’s not overlook the DELICIOUSLY HIGH B.E.F.!


Thanks to Olive the rattle who "just likes hanging out in there". She fits right in!


Sarah B. says that her Guinea piglette "Snicky" lays on Dad’s chest every night. They are best pals. Love the look on Dad’s face. He’s all "Don’t interupt the Colbert Report, Sarah!"



She couldn’t help but take a snap of Snicky’s "tiny ‘tocks". Well, doi, they’re like, tewtelly irresistable.

woooooooooo! we’re on C.O.!


[Gets a long look at a sthexy bunny on C.O.]

Clicks on "Pocket Pets" category


Hey! we’re. like, on C.O.!!! [Tiny hand presses scroll bar]


Total twilight zone, Chris B.

Have you checked your pockets lately?

Um, ’cause you JUST MIGHT have a super prosh pocket pet in thar. Have you looked lately!? I think you should. Some rattles might’ve crawled in. And they MIGHT be munching on a morsel of something…with both hands.


"Rurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" (rat purring)




They purr, right Sarah B.? ;)!

Just doin’ my paht to save water

Look People, I live in [does Arnold Schwartzeneggar voice and fake quotes with paws] "Kally-fornia", where we’ve had water shortages, OK? So, I use this SMALL bowl—smaller than the sink, so I can save on our water bill. Sure, it looks ridiculous, but I can take six times as many baths [splashes water in your direction]


Hasta la vista, Luna V.

Awww yeah, FARKED again.

Check it, People. I wanted to blog on this yesterday, but Typepad was like, tewtelly doing maintenance, so here we go today: our hedgehog pic caught the eye of the Fark editors and chosen for a Photoshop contest. W00t!

Check out the full contest over at Fark.

We’ve had one other Farking here!

“Your daily apple, m’Lord”

Sure, there are some bites out of it, but it’s ham-delivered, so I think you should take it.


Mariska, thanks for the heads-up on the Cyrillic + hamster combo site…

Let’s check in on the HamsterTracker

Let’s check in on Her Beadiness "Lucy 2.0" the hamster of EXTREME HamsterTrackin’ fame. On day 555, Lucy had covered 461,501.78 meters on her wheel. Tewtelly awesome.

You know what, I bet if you licked her ear, it would become completely transparent. Did I just say that out loud?


Super "Paws Up" and "Apple Sushi" cheers to Lucy 2.0 and Mathijs Van Der Paaw (No, I did not make that name up)


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