Don’t Usually See Your Kind ‘Round Here

Behold The Platypus. Sleek, slick, and so Prosh. Just like our Furball Friends from earlier today, this Beakasaurus hails from Down Undah. Wouldn’t you LOVE to Snorgle that Belleh? Of course. Silly qwesh.

Gotta be careful sometimes, though- “Let’s just, for a moment, overlook the fact that the Platypus could possibly stab you with a heel spur coated in venom (males in the mating season only.) -Roselyn P.



Prosh Platypus Poll!

Without QUESH, one of THE single cutest little creatures to ever grace these pages. There’s so much to like here, it’s time for a poll!

“Don’t know if you follow Facebook but saw these and went OMG! C.O. would love these! Hugs and keep the smiles coming.” -Rahja M-C.

We Missed This Girl In Nosevember!

Possessing without a doubt one of THE proshest snouts ever, we present Ember The Platypus, and thank Teresa C. for the tip!

[Note: Sqweak @ :37…Nomming Of Hoomin @ :46…Great Aussie Accent @ 1:11. -Ed]


Take a listen! [156KB]