Prosh Platypus Poll!

10273986_828069373880742_5431680539628009208_nWithout QUESH, one of THE single cutest little creatures to ever grace these pages. There’s so much to like here, it’s time for a poll!

“Don’t know if you follow Facebook but saw these and went OMG! C.O. would love these! Hugs and keep the smiles coming.” -Rahja M-C.

We Missed This Girl In Nosevember!

Possessing without a doubt one of THE proshest snouts ever, we present Ember The Platypus, and thank Teresa C. for the tip!

[Note: Sqweak @ :37…Nomming Of Hoomin @ :46…Great Aussie Accent @ 1:11. -Ed]


Take a listen! [156KB]


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