Mahalo, Kama!

Let’s head back to the surf with Kama, Oahu’s favorite Surfin’ Porkster. (P.S.- everyone in Hawaii, please stay safe!)

Friday Afternoon Micro Pigsters

Because we can.

Micro Pig Chillin’ In The UK!

Just kickin’ back in the backyard, glass of iced tea, AND A MICRO PIG SLEEPING ON YOUR CHEST.



Time To Visit The Waterpork

It’s hot everywhere and folks, it ain’t coolin’ down anytime soon. So grab yourself a Porkster and a Pool, fill ‘er up, and then hop on in. Snort.

From The Vladster.

Come On EEN! The Water’s (Snort) Great!

photo1It’s July 1st! The summer is rolling right along, and THESE guys nose it! (Nose, geddit? Peeg snouts and- never mind.)

Anyway, these are the famous Swimming Pigs Of The Bahamas!

Mail Online says they will swim out to your boat, to see if you have anything good for lunch.

MO also adds, “Filmmaker Charles Allan Smith is now shooting a documentary that hopes to uncover how the animals first took to the water. ‘When Pigs Swim’ will follow the trail from the original swimming pigs.”

It looks like they’re doing (this is totally from MO:) the “Hog Paddle.”



“Keep up the cute!” -Sharon B-C (Western Australia)

Piggy N Puggy: Loff Is Out 2 Get U

Somebody feels like Wrasslin’! Without further adieu, let’s welcome MISTER…Neil…Diamond!

From Susan M.

Bebeh Mini Hoofsters

What do you get when you shove one of those GoPro cameras in front of some camera shy Bebeh Mini Hoofsters?

Well, you get this!

Oh, That’ll Do Pig, That’ll Do

The name of this Porkster alone should just pull you in, am I right? Si? According to this story in The Squid, Thimble The Mini Peeg can play piano and geetar. Don’t believe eet? Let’s go to the video.


ImageProxy (1)


(UPDATED!) Rollin’ Down Undah With Leon Trotsky

[Name refers to a Soviet Dude from way back in the day -Ed.]

edWell, well. Chris P. Bacon, you have a new pal Down Undah! This be Leon Trotsky, and as the last name implies, he can still trot with the best of ‘em. What’s the story here, Kyle B. of Edgar’s Mission? Wait, let’s do the video first. Pigster Prosh.

Updated with Fresh Video!

OK, Kyle. G’hed, mate:

“We had a little piglet come to us last week that had been accidentally sat on by his mum..”

“..and broke his pelvis along with his leg.”


“While we wait for his bones to grow before he can have proper surgery..”

“…he has a little wheel cart that he uses to get around to keep pressure off his legs.”





It’s National Pig-In-A-Blanket-Day

Totally true! [Would we make up a day just so we could have fun with it? Wait- we would. Let me rephrase that. -Ed.]

So naturally, we present…..pigs in a blanket! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. This is Eric….

Eric and gund pig_DSC4991_Resize
and Jane. Thanks to Anna S. for reminding us of the national holiday today…

…and to Meredith T. @ Farm for the ninja-quick turnaround.


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