Kittehs -N- Piggehs, O My

If this isn’t a Cute Combo, I don’t know WHAT is. Let the snorgling begin!


Little Red Riding Pig

[*Note: “Pig In A Blanket” is the obvious header here, but Arbroath already claimed that one. We only steal borrow when we’re too lazy busy to come up with another one. -Ed.]

Anybody Want Some Belleh Rubs?

Oh, YOU do? Well c’mere little guy! (**Speakers UP for this one!)

Do Pickles Get Brain Freezes?

When Pickle woke up from a sound sleep and was offered an ice cream cone, there wasn’t a lot of hesitation in his response.

London Peeps! A Pignic Is Headed Your Way!

So says Mashable. During the “second bank holiday weekend” (had to look that one up) from May 21 to 25, Yelp London and PetPiggies are holding an event at The Proud Archivist in Haggerston.

Drinks, food, Micro Pig Snorgling, and education about Micro Pig ownership are on the agenda for the evening. (No bacon served, natch.) Wanna attend? Here’s how.


Bobbing Nomming For Apples


“The act of eating large amount of extremely delicious food, normally accompanied by the traditional ‘nom nom nom’ eating sound. ‘Dude, let’s qo to Wal*Mart and buy mad food so we can start nomming!'”

Yep. That fits. And now, without anymore delay- MICRO PIGGIES NOMMING APPLES! (Speakers up.)

(From VVV.) [*Note- Definition from Urban Dictionary. We’d link to it but they had off-color stuff on the page so we won’t. -Ed.]

Hut Two Three Four

What do we have here? Well, a Guinea Pig walkway, of course. Remember the story about the Capybara hot springs? It turns out they have Pigsters there, too. This is how they “commute” from one play area to another. This a loop video, just click the > button in center.

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(RN24/Andrew Y.)

Tilley Tiny Pig For Nosevember Snoutvember

“Ok, so it’s a Snout, but Tilley Tiny Pig would like to be considered for Nosevember. Tilley is applying Rule Of Cuteness #95 for good measure. Thanks, Elaine R.”

Time For The Dinner Noms, Guys

What, doesn’t EVERYONE have micro-sized Bebeh Pigsters on their KITCHEN COUNTERS??? (Or wherever that is.)

It’s Late, And All Ya Wanna Do Is Chillax

I must say in all candor I’d not heard that word before, so I had to look it up: (figured it was a cross between ‘chill out’ and ‘relax,’ but still.) And I must say, this BEBEH PIGSTER is doing just that, is he not?