C.O. Celebrity Scandal Watch!

Tongues wagged this week as papparazzi spotted superstars Britney Ears and Hugh Jackrabbit at a romantic getaway in Tahiti, protected by their bodyguard Bruno.

Dahhhh, nothin' to see here, move along...

Well, I never, Carly R.

On the Next Episode of “Real Penguins of the Jersey Shore”…

You get a nice look, guy? You get a big ol’ eyeful? You trying to get her name? Well, her name is Mine, understand? Why don’t you just step off before I peck your face in, a’ight?

Once again, Gary forgot the key element when flashing...his trench coat.

Penguins wearing wife beaters and black chains are always trouble, Sarah W.

The Fool. He Suspects Nothing.

Just look at him.  The genial, glad-handing imbecile.  At the bed with the paper every morning, by the door with the slippers every night.  Even now, the little toady waits at his usual place, on top of the large “X” conveniently drawn on the sidewalk.  Yessss, keep waiting… That’s a good boy…


From a collection of cute photobombs, since we’re on the subject (some NSFW)

This is photobomb

Check out this squirrelio photobombing this nice couple’s vacation.

He’s all [waving his paw over vast lake] “Welcome to Banff, Bitches!”


Thanks to Sender Inner Tracy B. and Marilyn T. from National Geographic Intelligent Traveler who originally promoted this photo, and of course This is Photobomb, which is not necessarily safe for work. Photo by Melissa B. who was featured on National Geographic Daily Dozen for it! (Choose “August 1″ in drop-down to see the image and full story.)