Photo Assignment 6: Boston Terrier Vs. Cucumber

[Never thought you’d see THAT headline on CO, eh? -Ed]

“This is my sweet girl Mickie (otherwise known as “The Boo.”) I had to fence off the cucumbers in my garden or she’d eat ’em right off the vine. Sadly we lost her this past July to a nerve issue that caused terrible pain and problems with her heart. 😦 If you turn up the volume you can hear the Snorfs & Kronches as she goes to town on this poor veggie.” Chris D.

“PS: Thanks for checking this out. LOVE your site!!!”


You Are All KINDS Of Busted

Yesterday we announced Photo Assignment Day 6– your pet nomming a favorite treat. We’ve received a lot of terrific submissions including Hanneli here, who looks rather…guilty.

“This is my little Australian Shepherd girl Hanneli enjoying a cow hoof.” -Kristin R.

Puddin’s Got Cinnamon Buns

“Here’s my precious Puddin’ enjoying the remnants of my favorite flavor. (For Assignment #6.) She looooved food, no matter what it was! But, then again, who can resist Ben & Jerry’s?” -Kelly P., Smackover, Arkansas.

Editorial Notes:
1. Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia is so good it should be illegal.
2. Our interns LOCATED “Smackover, Arkansas!”

Photo Assignment Day #6: Om Nom Nom

Where has the time gone? Time for Photo Assignment Day #6, our final go-round for the year. Let’s review, OK?

So far this year we’ve featured Pets ‘& ‘Puters, Walls O’ Cuteness, Pocket Pals, Pets Cooling Off, Sleepy Pets, and now we’d like you to take a picture of your pet enjoying a favorite treat and send it to us! You might just get it featured on Cute Overload. Kewl beans and stuffs.

From Cuteporter Amanda L.- I previously submitted Frank and just got my third corgi baby, Harold.”

Photo Assignment #5 Rest of the Best

This is our third installment for Photo Assignment #5! This time we have puppy piles, a ferret jumble and a kitteh cuddle! What’s your sleep number?

Three! No, wait. Yeah three!

Two! Three!

Four! Three! …several!

Two, definitely two, …one and a half.


More Photo Assignment Faves

Yet more great entries from our latest Photo Assignment Contest!

“This is Artie, who fell asleep on my lip gloss.” -Allison M.


“While playing Cards Against Humanity, my hamster Ushi decided the box seemed like a good place to fall asleep. We continued putting discarded cards in the box and he just kept moving over to accommodate them.” -Cat S.


“My hairless rat Tizzle fallen asleep on my computer, back in the the day when people used those kind of phones.” -Sarah M.


“This is my sister’s silver Lab, Theodor (Teddy) Euclid, named after the founding father of geometry. Math makes me fall asleep pretty quickly too.” -Emily H. of Stillwater, MN.


Photo Assignment Day 5: ZZZZZ – Let’s Take A Look!

We’ve gotten a lot of submissions for Photo Assignment Day 5: ZZZZZ! Here are a select few, and thanks to all who have sent ’em in! We’ll have more over the weekend, too.

“This is my Penelope Pickles. I’m sending along her pics. She is, like her Mama, incredibly awkward.” -Melissa D.S.


“Mouser the XCOR hangar cat, asleep in a rocket engine test stand.” -Aleta J.


“This is Rocky and his fish. Rocky’s 12 now and in my film days I have a photo with him and his fish but then the fish was MUCH bigger then my sweet little kitten.” -Sue H.


“Here are some photos of my Cairn terrier buddy Watson! He lives in Paris, France, he’s 5 months old and is a great companion! He’s a little furball clown.” -Amélie T.


“Sherman loves konking out on the tarp in the backyard, especially when it’s warm outside.” -TBH.


The very relaxed Penelope, from Diana P.




THIS JUST IN: Dexter For Photo Assignment Day #5

The entries are pouring een! Won’t you PLEASE give it UP for Dexter! “This is Dexter, our Chocolate Lab. He decided to fall asleep in his kennel, underneath the pad.” Submitted by Christine S., photo by Alex.

Send in your entry now!

Dexter 160

Photo Assignment Day #5: ZZZZZ

Four down, two to go!

Welcome to Photo Assignment Day #5 for 2013. Send us a photo of the strangest place your pet has fallen asleep. We might (..yawn..) just publish it here on Cute Overload….(yawn)…so…get on that and..(yawn)…tie-tie go sleep now. (Clunk.)

Cat_Sleeping_TrainSleeping CatDownloadedFile-12
I swear someone did not just send me these pics in some lame PowerPoint. All pics are Internet floaters (ew that sounds gross), and mostly thanks to Uncle Wire.

Have We Got a Photo Ass-ignment For You

– literally! We like butt beds and we cannot lie. So why not send us your butt bed photo or YouTube video link to cuteoverload at gmail dot com! Maybe your butt bed will make CO a butt bedder place, awww.

“This is my husband and Maggie (our cat)…she loves him and clearly finds his butt comphy.” ~Shannon J. (Shannon I first read that as, “she finds his butt company.”)