Seventeen Reasons To Own A Black Cat

Got this timely email today from Dave K., who writes “I’m Dave…a dude with six cats over at I recently put together an infographic on 17 reasons to own a black cat. Particularly important topic with Halloween coming up.” (And here’s Reason #16, the Janet Jackson song.)

Cat image via Shutterstock.


Halloween Will Be Here Soon!

We’re already planning for the end of the month (wrapping up ‘Tocktober, then going right into Nosevember!) BUT: we can’t forget about Halloween! Do you have some Halloween photos like these below? We’d love to consider them for Cute Overload if you do–here’s how to send them in!









From Bored Panda.

Puppehs. Pigs. Paradise. Home Depot.

Almost exactly two years ago, we showed you Puppehs ‘N’ Pigs in the Bahamas…absolutely the place where you wanna go to get away from it all. (Think Beach Boys- “Kokomo.”)

Well, the guys (Tig & Sparky Bobo) are back. Not nearly as glamorous a location, nope. No palm trees, no drinks with the little umbrellas, no sand, no cool tropical breezes. Just…concrete. Watch where yer steerin’ there, Sparky….and you guys buckle up. (No animals were harmed in this shopping trip.)

Videos from Catherine C.

Rump Day (Stumpers Edition)

Yep, middle of the week- the workday is over. So let’s celebrate Rump Day with a Side Order of Side-Eye (to go!)


Sorry, Had To Borrow Your Round Thing

[Raindrops kept fallin’ on my head! What else was I gonna DO?]

(H/T to The Squid.)

Sprinkles? Yes, Please!

It’s National Donut Day! Let’s hit it and git it!




Photo 1-3 from Interwebs: Photo 4 from All-Mighty Clothing’s Flickr.

I Get My Kitteh Now?

Kind of reminds you of the video below, eh?

“Not sure if this will meet your high standards but my wife insisted that I send it to you. It was actually really cute – two dogs trying to get into a cat store. Best, Owen B.”

[*Note: This is Ollie’s Place, a ResQte group in NYC’s East Village. -Ed.]

Oh, Sure- It’s Springtime Out There-

But WINTER ain’t done yet! Check out this extravaganza of Winter The Lamb doing what Winter The Lamb does BEST—BED BOUNCING! [Note- the final video is one we ran late last year- but the user account for that video was deleted, so the video vanished from C.O. We’re re-posting here. -Ed.]

(First video seen on Mashable.)

A Reminder From The C.O. SportsDesk™

The U.S. Tennis Open begins today in NYC. Don’t forget to bring your tennis ball.

Or bring a LOT of them.

(Second video = Encore Presentaysh.)