Yay 4 Snow Days!

Remember back in the day when you were in school, and it was snowing out? You’d turn on the scratchy AM radio and listen for the magic words…”Closed today.” (Not a 2-hour delay, who cared about those- big deal.) No, CLOSED. Well, Shasta, Baxter, and Ryer from Aquarium Of The Bay in San Francisco are having a snow day too.

And they dig it. Normally NOT a lot of snow in The City.

From Erin U.


YAY 4 National Dog Day!

Yep, all day long! Grab your nearest four-footed furball and give me a big sloppy KEES!

YAY 4…National Hot Dog Day!

It’s the best Doxie Day of the year! So grab some relish, mustard, ketchup, whatever you like! Then serve up a Hot Dog to YOUR favorite Hot Dog! They’ll love ya for it.

YAY 4 #RumpDay

The work week is officially 50% over. You know what that means- it’s #RumpDay! In this case, several squirmin’ Rumps (or if you prefer, ‘Tocks.) From Flickr.

YAY 4…Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Yes it is! (Tank from Kerri D., above.) Individual credits for each photo are in the hovers. We’ll add photos in as we receive ’em! Here’s how to send ’em in.






YAY 4 #WorldOceansDay 2

Watch this story about all the Adorbs Sea Lions being rescued and cared for at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito.

And as long as we’re on the oceans subject, let’s zip up the Pacific Coast for a little Sea Otter Action c/o The Oregon Zoo!

YAY 4 #NationalBestFriendsDay

On the heels fins of it being World Oceans Day, it also happens to be National Best Friends Day. Can’t we spread these out a bit? There ARE 365 days in a year- and some years even more than that! Anyways, have a peek if you will at THESE Best Friends!

YAY 4 #WorldOceansDay

It’s a day to celebrate all the QTE we hold near n’ dear to our hearts. Like these lil’ critters!



GIFs spotted on Monterey Bay Aquarium PR Twitter, originally seen on Silicon Republic.

[*Note: Google Maps also has a nice feature today, FYI. -Ed.]