‘Tock To The Buttfeather!

First-time Cuteporter Ragnhild N. sent us an email to clue us in on Felix, a “Congo African Grey living an ordinary life with subtitles,” according to his FB page. “You seriously need to check out Felix. The most influential bird on Facebook,” she writes.

It looks like Felix has the ‘Tocktober Concept down pat, eh?


The Return Of Shrimp

Shrimp first graced these pages just last week. Now she’s back and it’s time to get wet! Hang on, Shrimpster!

Video from Natalie.

Whatta Little SHRIMP U Are!

image (2)“This is our Quaker Parrot, Shrimp! She is absolutely the greatest pet ever,” says Sender-Inner Natalie.

image (3)
“She loves to be on our shoulder as often as possible, enjoys road trips, raisins and peanuts, playing with her toys and giving lots of kisses and snuggles.”

image (1)
“She loves everyone and is just starting to talk!”

image (4)
“She is very tech savvy.”

image (5)
“Always wanting to sit on the iPhone or iPad and boss us around.”

image (6)

Leave Us ALONE, Then

Jasper The African Grey Parrot would prefer you give him just a little space, right?

From Laughing Squid.

Disco The Spy (Keeps Rockin’ In The Free World)

If that headline makes zero sense to you now, it’ll be clearer after you watch this video!

From The Squid. Apologies to Neil Young, man.

It’s Chilly Out, So Don’t Forget Your Sweateuh!

(Yeah, going against popular o-pin-yun with the spelling, I know, I know.)

The WHITE DEATH cold winter weather continues in parts the US, so you guys need to make sure to bundle up before you venture outside, OK then?












From Pleated Jeans.com.

Time To Step Up, Lil’ Guys!

This little gang of whackadoodle parrots wants to be fed. Right this very second.

22Words.com FTW.


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