Better Late Than Nevah

Three months overdue, but that’s no problem! Anita M. says, “I know ‘Tocktober is long past, but it took me all this time to snap a picture of the finest feathery ‘Tocks in this quadrant (or any other accessible by wormholes) of the galaxy. This is my Parrotlet, Mr. Robespierre C. (for Cheepysaurus) Tickletoes, engaged in his favourite game:

1. Remove object from basket.
2. Fling it on the floor as far as you can.
3. Watch personal assistant pick it up & put it back.
4. Repeat while snickering behind wing.

I’ve been a fan since page 1. Now there are 2053 pages of cute to brighten my days. Thanks.”


“They’ve Been Playing This For TWO Months!”

[I. am. SICK. To. DEATH. Of. Jingle. Bell. ROCK!]

Is This An Encore Presentayshe? (AKA “The Boing-Boing Dance.”)

It might be. I don’t know. Can’t locate. Doesn’t matter. Easily one of the top ten greatest videos EVER.

Deb N. found it here.

Today Is An Excellent Day To DIE…Mr. Bond!

[Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.]


He’s Back There, Isn’t He.

From Cuteporter Irina.

If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Bath Day

OK guys, up on the branch, you know the drill!

“Beautiful birds enjoying the small pleasures of life,” comments Luis M.

Hey Rosella! You ‘Bout Done In There?

Save everyone else some of the hot water, willya??

From FJ.

‘Tock To The Buttfeather!

First-time Cuteporter Ragnhild N. sent us an email to clue us in on Felix, a “Congo African Grey living an ordinary life with subtitles,” according to his FB page. “You seriously need to check out Felix. The most influential bird on Facebook,” she writes.

It looks like Felix has the ‘Tocktober Concept down pat, eh?


Leave Us ALONE, Then

Jasper The African Grey Parrot would prefer you give him just a little space, right?

From Laughing Squid.

Disco The Spy (Keeps Rockin’ In The Free World)

If that headline makes zero sense to you now, it’ll be clearer after you watch this video!

From The Squid. Apologies to Neil Young, man.