“HI! I’d Like To Add You To My Professional Network on LinkedIn!”

Arne pointed this one out to us on Twitter, and that headline and photo are from Heath C. Can’t improve on that headline, nope, not a chance.


“Hey Honey? Are We Out Of Paper Towels?”

“I thought we had one left in the kitchen on the counter- but now I can’t find it!”

(Thanks to Nancy H.)

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen Stanley Lately?”

“Yeah, he’s upstairs- hey, Stanley! Get down here! Time for dinner, pal!”

(Andrew Y. saw this on BuzzFeed.)

Is That The Good Spot?


(As seen on the FB page of Stopcrush.org.)

Caturday: How Long Will It Take…

….to annoy this kitteh? Let’s find out!

(Boing Boing.)

Do You Expect Me To Squawk?

NO Meester Bund (how all the bad guys with heavy foreign accents say it,) I expect you to…well, you know.

Miss Iris Has A Handle On This

For some of us, taking a shower is a time-consuming hassle. However, Miss Iris doesn’t see it that way.

It’s The 30th Of Nosevember Beakvember

This is Gizzy! She is a “Peach Head Caique Parrot,” and is available for adoption at the Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue in San Jose! (Had to get one more Beak/Nose in before Beakvember Nosevember wraps up tonight!) Photos by The Furrtographer, of course.

But you knew that.




The Return Of The Merlinator

We thought this yellow schnozzola looked familiar, and indeed, it made (along with the rest of him) an appearance on these pages one year ago. “Hi Cuteologists! Here’s a Nosevember submish from my red-sided Eclectus Parrot, Merlin Birdie (a.k.a. The Merlinator,)” says Susan R.

“He’s been featured on Cute Overload before (and during last Nosevember) but he doesn’t let it go to his head. Around these parts, we think he’s got the most beautiful, candy-corny nose/beak evah!”

All photos (and hover below) by his human servant, Susan (a.k.a Mommeh.)