This Pretty Well Sums It Up

All of the many Big J posts we’ve done in the past…have led up to this. It has EVERYTHING. Pandas, a Red-Bull-fueled announcer talking 500 mph, and…….slide whistles.

Speakers Up, naturally.

L@@K! Super Panda Toesday Action Here!

panda-2And to top it all off, click any of the images below for some Pretty Prosh-N-Powerful C.O. Super-Size™ viewing!

Ten, that’s TEN of these little dudes/dudettes were rolled out Friday at the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda, says Mashable.



Newborn Panda Cubs Show In Ya'an

Whoomp! (There It Is)

Look closely; we’ve got some Blessed Event Action at the Smithsonian National Zoo! Mei Xiang gave birth to a bebeh giant panda cub Saturday afternoon.

But she wasn’t QUITE done.

She then gave birth to a another Giant Panda Cub Saturday night. (A day/night doubleheader to use a baseball analogy.) According to the video, “The panda team retrieved one of the cubs per ‘twin hand rearing’ protocol and placed it in an incubator. Both cubs appear to be doing well.”

And HERE’S how it went down. Numero UNO:

And five hours or so later…DOS!



Prosh Pooped Pandas

Just wait ’til the end when the one on the left starts to wake up and WIGGLES HIS ‘TOCKS. True. Wouldn’t make THAT up.

“A Song For Miracle Pandas”

The world’s only surviving Panda Triplets. More Blorp for your buck- only on Cute Overload. Speakers up- the song takes it to an entirely different level. Trust me on this.

Basically, What We Got Here Is A Lot O’ Pandas

Let’s take another trip to China’s Panda Research Base, shall we? This panda “daycare” facility specializes in breeding these little critters, in order to repopulate the species which has been threatened for years.















(Bored Panda, of course.)

Pretty Prosh Pair O’ Pandas

Twin pandas Ouhin and Touhin continue their Blorpular ways in The Big J. Not a thing wrong with that!

Just CAN’T Get To Sleep

[Turn THIS way…no, turn THAT way. Ermph, pillow is NOT comfortable- wait, I don’t have one of those. I ate it. THIS BLANKET IS..rrrrrr, CAN’T get it the way I want. I give up, what’s on TV? Do we have any Panda Tylenol PM?]


Nuthin’ Like A Little Panda Blorp..

…to get you through the day. Look at how these Round Mounds O’ Fluff nom that bamboo!

Earth: A New Wild

That’s the title of a new PBS series starting February 4th. (Check local listings, please.) The show features an up-close-and-REDONK look at these little knucklehead residents of China’s Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.


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