Ozzy And Eeyore, Just Hangin’ Out

Ozzy The Weasel makes a welcome return to the pages of Cute Overload, and he’s brought his friend Eeyore along with him for a game of hide ‘n’ seek!


Ozzy The Weasel: Attack Mode!

Watch Ozzy as he launches into Frantic Mode with his hoomin. Come to think of it, that’s Oz’s ONLY mode!

Ozzy The Weasel Battles The Evil Hand

We happily present another edition of the wild and wooly adventures of Ozzy The Weasel! In this episode, Oz battles The Evil Hand, and generally acts like a wild man. Wait- how is that different from the other videos?

The Return Of Ozzy The Weasel

The most frantic maniac these pages have seen must be the highly-caffeinated Ozzy The Weasel. We proudly present his latest turbo-charged video.

In case you’re not familiar with The Ozinator, there’s more (from the archives!)

Playtime With Ozzy The Weasel!

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Ozzy. But from the looks of this video, he hasn’t lost a step. (No sound in this first clip, BTW.)

[*Note: From the YT video: ‘Disclaimer: A weasel is not a pet. They hate being locked up, they’re not friendly when hungry. Don’t get one. Seriously. Ozzy is a special case rescue baby. Cute, but deadly.’ -Ed.] From T.O.


That wasn’t The O-Man’s first visit to C.O. Check out these videos from the C.O. Ozzy Archive!

Ozzy The Weasel’s War Dance: The Sequel

Ozzy The Weasel’s first War Dance was such a hit, it demanded a sequel. That’s how they do eet een Hollywood! And so it shall be. Go, Oz.

From Frisco68.

More Ozzy The Maniac Weasel Action!

He’s back! This guy may be one of the craziest little wild men ever to grace the pages of CO. Imagine what would happen if he stuck his little schnozzle-nozzle nose in a can of Red Bull.

Videos 1 and 2 from Frisco68. Video 3 from Laggy Creations, who remarked on the YouTube page, “We were watching YouTube videos on our PS3, and our cat Merlin became interested. This was not good for our TV.”

Ozzy The Weasel’s War Dance

“We gotta post this one!” -MF

All ye need do is ask, Cute Overlord, and eet shall be done.

Posted on YT by Frisco68, who added “The weasel war dance is a colloquial term for a behavior of excited ferrets and weasels. In wild animals, it is speculated that this dance is used to confuse or disorient prey. In domestic animals, the war dance usually follows play or the successful capture of a toy or a stolen object and is commonly held to mean that the weasel is thoroughly enjoying itself. (No background music on this one ‘due to a BS copyright notice.’)”

Ah, but there’s more! Say hi to Ozzy’s pal Eeyore, why don’cha.

And……..just one more. Because we can.