We Held Off On Wombat Wednesday….

…because today happens to be World Wombat Day! This is Jazz, a resident of the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Photo from @Tasmania Twitter.


Just The Second Kookaburra EVER

C.O. hasn’t had a Kookaburra photo since way back in November of 2006! We deeply regret this oversight, and lay some Kookaburra Action on you RIGHT NOW. Get a load of THIS little beakster!


The Return Of The Dibblers

When I first came across this story, I thought “Dibblers? No way. Have we ever done a Dibblers post?” Sure enough, right before Christmas last year. Well, ya know- they’re still Cute, so here they come AGAIN. Meet the Dibblers, Part II.



(BuzzFeed by way of Andrew Y.)

ResQte II: Way To Go, Taronga Wildlife Hospital!

This female Brushtail Possum Joey was found orphaned and dehydrated in Sydney, Australia. 😦 Taronga Wildlife Hospital is working hard to get her healthy again! She will eventually be released back into the wild. Until that happens, this Roo Stuffy is a lot of fun, matey!

Anybody Wanna Scritch A Koala?

Judging from the multiple reactions of this little goober, I don’t think they mind a whole lot, am I right?

(Andrew Y.)

Heaven Is A Place….

….called Edgar’s Mission. Ain’t it the truth.

Oh, and BTW…….


Bats, It’s Tuesday!

Jackie Sparrow is a flying fox who recently met actor Johnny Depp while he was filming in Australia! Adam Cox of Wakaleo Animal Channel sent us this terrific video, and images by Dean Morgan Photography/Rachael Wasiak.

Trish Wimberley from the Australian Bat Clinic (site appears to be wonky at the moment) introduced the pair while the latest “Pirates Of The Caribbean” film was shooting near her rescue center on the Gold Coast. Johnny expressed his love of bats and offered to sponsor the little one as it undergoes rehabilitation at the clinic, after losing contact with it’s mother during a heavy storm.

Extreme weather events are often damaging to flying fox populations causing many baby bats to be separated from their mothers, often via abnormally high temperatures or cyclonic winds.

Rescued bats in care at the clinic frequently remain for many months as they are prepared for their release back to the wild.

The bat clinic takes in hundred of bats every year and is commited to education and conservation of bats.

Donations can be made via their Facebook page! Remember: Never touch wild bats unless you are vaccinated and are trained to handle them. If you see a bat that needs assistance, call a local wildlife group as soon as possible.

Screenshot 2015-09-28 21.33.11

Mom Taxi LV: Hitchin’ A Ride

Australian photographer Robyn Malcolm recently snapped this shot of a Seal hitchin’ a ride on a Humpback McWhalersons off the New South Wales South Coast on a whale watching trip. She swears it’s real, no post shot trickery involved. (Link via Mashable and sent in by MANY C.O. readers.)

ResQte Of The Week 2: And Everything Nice

How about some Sugar & Spice from Down Undah, c/o Aussie Photographer Extraordinaire Patrick J.? “Sugar and Spice are a brother and sister duo that arrived at our Sydney shelter earlier this week. Sugar (above) is the most confident of the two, and she was happy to sit and pose for the camera. Spice (below) is a little more timid, but he’s very affectionate and loves nothing more than to snuggle up against you. These two have been placed into foster care until they’re big enough to find their forever homes in a few weeks.”


“What’s Cuter Than Three Bebeh Buns?”

That was the subject line of the email Sharon B-C (Western Australia) sent to us. And the answer is easy- not much! (Can’t flat say nothing else is cuter; Quokkas, ya know.)

“Maybe a Bebeh Bun displaying Rule #58? These photos were taken of some adorable baby bunnies at the Blue Hills Farmstay in Harvey, Western Australia. My son just LOVED them (understandably!) For your consideration for Bunday. Keep the cute coming!”